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Dos And Don’ts For Knee Pain You Should Follow

Generally, knee specialists recommend some really helpful dos and don’ts to manage your pain so you may perform your daily routine activities quite easily. Below are a few of them.

Things To Do When You Are Suffering From Knee Pain

Regular Work Out

Working out regularly is an excellent way of keeping your all body parts healthy while it works wonders if you are facing constant knee pain. Exercises like a proper walk and stretching build up the muscle tissues around knee joints which support your knees to function properly without pain. However, harsh exercises like jogging, jumping and sports activities exert a lot of pressure on your knees resulting in severe pain and more damage should be avoided.

Use Correct Type of Shoes

Shoes play a very important role for healthy knees, legs and feet while their importance increases in case of reportedly having knee pain. Correct type of shoes provide cushion to your knees supporting them to prevent any pressure exertion. So, your shoes should not be worn out and it should have proper cushioning and arch supports.

Understand Temperature Dynamics

A sudden injury or fall with previous knee pains is a nightmare for anyone so he/she should know how to react after this by understanding simple temperature dynamics. For instance, you must use ice packs within first 48 to 72 hours of injury to ease the pain and swelling and then you can use heating pads or warm towel to heal the affected area.

Walk Properly with No Rush

As mentioned above, falling down or any injuries around knees are a nightmare for an affected person so it is better to take precautions and be safe than sorry. For this, it is very important to walk properly without any rush so chances of falling down may decrease. Also, it is advised to always hold handrails when using stairs and must take support of ladder or stool when reaching out to something above your height.

Use RICE Method

RICE is a term used for knee pain which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation to ease pain and provide relief. Using this method means to give some rest to your knees, do icing to ease swelling, wear a compression bandage and keep your knee in elevated position.

Try Acupuncture

It is a Chinese method of easing many kinds of pain in which you can insert fine needles at certain points of your body. But this should be done under proper guidance of professionals as it may cause more damage with slight negligence.

Don’t Do These Things When Suffering From Knee Pain

Smoking and Consuming Alcohol

It is because tobacco, nicotine, alcohol and other related products contain chemicals which plays a major role in damaging connective tissues which hold your bones and muscles together. So yes, smoking and alcohol can affect your knees as well along with causing other damage to your body.

Not Being Careful About Body Weight

Generally, obese people are more prone to have knee pain because of them being over-weight. It may damage your knees because the more your body mass is, the more chances are there for greater strain on your knees. Since knees are responsible to support the entire frame of your body, even losing a little weight will help ease your pain.

Continuous Rest for Long Time

People who think the more rest they will do, the more relief they will get from their knee pain are doing totally wrong. It is because your knees needs to move as much as possible to keep on functioning properly and prevent further muscle weakening. However, don’t be too harsh with your body and take a small amount of rest every day.

Not Considering Regular Follow-Ups

An expert advice is always good when you are having some sort of constant and serious medical issue. Knee pain is no joke and can make people dependent on others if gets severe. So, it is better to give importance to your regular follow-ups and keep your orthopedic doctor for knee pain Woodbridge updated about your current condition. You may require a change of medicines or exercises and therapies which can improve your condition and you can miss this chance of improvement if you miss your upcoming appointment.

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