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Is It Safe To Cut Trees In Rain

Tree cutting is a work that should be best left for professionals and expert tree cutting services. It should not be attempted by you. It requires dangerous tools and a safety gear without which tree cutting is not possible.

Professional arborists take all sorts of safety precautions when performing tree cutting. There are many helpers plus they are fully equipped with the latest machinery. They are taught how to use the dangerous tools perfectly and efficiently without hurting themselves or causing accidents. Still, there have been many instances when the arborists have gotten severely injured or fractured.

Do Weather Conditions Affect The Tree Cutting Process?

Weather conditions have been widely known to affect or hinder tree cutting or even tree cutting. Severe winds, storms and rainfall affect tree cutting badly.

Work Should Be Stopped

Tree cutting should be completely stopped if severe rainfall starts or the weather starts getting rainy. All the expert arborists are advised to stop the tree cutting in between if rain starts for their safety.

Even if the work is not completed or left in between, the arborists will not continue tree cutting till the weather is better in the rain stops completely and the sky is clear. However, they should wait a day or two before starting the work again because the ground is slippery and wet and chances of accidents increase threefold. So, it is not at all safe to cut trees when it is raining during a storm.

Light Rain

Some tree cutting experts still finish their tree cutting process if it is raining lightly and the sky is clear and rainy clouds are not hovering above. In certain countries like Malaysia and Singapore, it rains lightly almost every single day and then the sky clears up again, so in this kind of light rain, it is alright to cut trees but one should be extra careful so there are no chances of any accidents occurring.

Why Is It Recommended Not To Cut Trees During Rain?

  • When it is raining heavily or during a storm the ground gets wet and slippery. You need a ladder to climb and cut the branches of the tree and the tree itself. So, there are many chances that the ladder may slip due to wetness and you get injured badly.
  • When it is raining then you cannot clearly see in front of you and in that instance the axe or chainsaw may go in the wrong direction and you may cut yourself by mistake. Also, you will not be able to see whether the branch is fully cut or not due to the constant water falling down.
  • Strong winds are also a part of heavy rainfall. The winds may disturb the branches of the tree causing them to move here and there which may lead to problems and disturbances for the arborist. These kinds of situations may lead to accidents such as the arborist may fall due to strong winds or some tree debris may get into the arborist’s eyes which may lead to infections and injuries. The branches might fall haphazardly and damage property or other arborists standing on the ground.
  • There are also small animals taking shelters in the tree branches due to rain. The animals may attack you in rain sensing danger from you and you may get badly injured.
  • The dangerous tools may accidently fall to the ground due to rain causing injuries to others.
  • Sometimes power lines are nearby the trees. The rainwater may cause short circuits or power failures leading to electric shorts or current which may even lead to death. In fact, if there is even the slightest chance of a power line near the tree then the tree should not be cut.

These were the reasons for not cutting trees in the rain. One should be careful and avoid such circumstances. In fact, stay at home when there is heavy rainfall. Furthermore, tree cutting is a task that requires skill and strict precautionary measure. A typical homeowner may not be able to cut down a tree as safely as a professional tree cutter. So, if you need to remove a tree, hire a tree removal service Bethesda to avoid any accidents.

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