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Important tips for buying antique Persian rug for family use

The process of buying antique Persian rugs from rug stores is a unique journey. It automatically reveals the cultural heritage of around 3500 years.  How the hidden treasures of the Persian ancestors were passed down through thousands of years transporting across various cultures? The mundane traditions of the foregone days become the glorious mysteries of the present day. The geometric figures and flowers and the motifs in the rugs are embedded with deep symbolism. The natural dyes, colors and shapes carry symbolic meaning too. Ancient Persians believed that the symbolic motifs and the geometric figures on the rugs could protect the rug’s owners from misfortunes and evil.

Buying a good antique rug

If you are a person interested in buying antique Persian rugs, your task is not going to be simple as there are wide ranges of these rugs available all over the world. There are various elements like different knots, different material etc which has to be considered while selecting the suitable rug needed for your personal use. Getting a detailed knowledge within a short span of time for just buying a new rug is not practical. So, considering all these aspects, I am furnishing below some tips which will be helpful for a person who is going to buy an ancient Persian rug.

One of the most important issues which make a rug buyer stressful is the doubt about the correctness of the size of rug he has to purchase.  Next important issue can be about the price. Whether the price they are asking is too high or reasonable?  Answers to all such doubts are given below.

Requirements of your home: Be realistic regarding the type and texture of the silk rug which will match to your life style. Whether you are having children or whether you are having pets, whether you are a person interested in partying or whether you are a lonely man not interested in social activities etc are important matters which have to be taken into account before deciding the type of rug suitable for your house.

Size of the rug: If the area of the rug needed for your house comes in between the standard sizes of antique Persian rugs never go for the lower area one thinking that it will give you some savings. Always go for the next higher size available so that your home will never have an awkward look.

Consider the purpose: what is the immediate purpose which prompted you for buying the rug? Is it for providing a bit of texture to your rooms or is it for hiding the dirt from others eyes? Understanding this point will help one to narrow the focus. One important point to mention here is that flat woven rugs are not suitable for houses with pet dogs.

Buy good rug pad

Before going to buy rugs read good reviews about rugs and rug shops. See whether the cost of the rug pad is included in the quote. If not, get new quote including the cost of the rug pad also.

Understand the return policy: When you reach home after buying a rug there can arise some problems related to the color or the size of the rug. So, it is a must that you should understand if there is a return policy for the company and if so what are the details. This will help you a lot in case some problem arises later as I have pointed out above.

Google and find out the standard rug sizes: There are king size beds which needs bigger rugs. Layered rugs often need special specifications. One can find all these information from interior design websites. There is no need to worry. Go searching and find the details from Google.

Have money: Be resourceful so that you can buy when the required item is found. Search vintage websites, estate sales sites etc. When the required rug is found buy it immediately. This is possible only if you keep the money for the purchase always with you.

What is the budget? Are you living in your own home and have no plan to change it ever. In such a situation there is no meaning in becoming a miser. Spend extra money and buy the best one you can get as buying traditional rugs VA is going to be life time investment. Similarly if you are on tight budget then go searching accordingly. There is no meaning in searching for a costlier one without having enough money in your pocket.

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