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Rug Size Guide For Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, And Entrance

The right sized rug in the right place is very important. You don’t want your rug to be too small as a postage stamp or too big like a wall to wall carpet. There are many different sized rugs in rug stores and before placing it somewhere you should know which size of the rug will be suitable in a certain place. For this reason, we will share some rug sizing guidelines which will help you in getting the perfect rugs.

Rug Sizing Guidelines

Go for a Bigger Size

A very small rug will break the charm of your room but if your rug is a bit bigger; it won’t really matter. When you are choosing between the sizes of the rug; make sure that you always choose a bigger size just to stay on the safe side.

Measure and Visualize

Measure the room you want a rug for and note down the measurements before you go to buy the rug. Another way to make sure that you have the right size is to use painter’s tape to mark the room according to the size of the standard rugs so that you will get an idea, a visualization of how much area the rug will cover and what furniture you can put on it.

1. Living Room

All Legs on the Rug

If you are looking to buy a rug for your living room and want to place all legs of all the sofas and the center table on the furniture then you will need the biggest rug. However; this concept will look good only when you have an open space for the living room or don’t have any furniture against the wall. By placing all the furniture on the rug, you will have a definite sitting area.

Front Legs on the Rug

If you have a smaller living room; with one or two pieces of furniture against the wall then you should get a medium-sized rug that will be sufficient for the front legs of furniture to be placed along with the table.

Only the Center Table on the Rug

This can be done in either situation; if you have a small living room or a big one.  If you want to place only the center table on the rug then you need to buy a rug which is only three feet outside the table. This scenario will make your sitting area look wider and bigger.

2. Dining Room

Square Dining Table

The placement of the rug in the dining room depends on the shape and size of your table. If your table is square and is a small one (let’s say for 4 people) then you will need a medium-sized square rug. If your table is a large one (let’s say for 10 people) then you will need the biggest size of the rug or maybe get one customized according to the size of your table. In any situation; the rug should be two feet bigger than the whole setting of the table.

Round Dining Table

The same goes for a round dining table. If your table is small you get a small rug and if large then you get a large rug. But, in any case, your rug should extend to all sides of the table including the chairs, at least 36 inches.

3. Bedroom

Half Bed on the Rug

Half bed means that the rug would not cover the whole bed but start from after the nightstands. But it will extend below the bed at least 5 feet. This works for large bedrooms.

Runners on Each Side

Runners are ideal for any size of the room and make the room look more spacious and wide. In this scenario, you put two similar rugs in front of each side table. But the runners should not be longer than the bed.

4. Kitchen

You can only have a nice runner in the kitchen to make it look airy. The runner in the kitchen will be in the center with an equal border on the floor. Runner works for both types of kitchens; small and large.

5. Entrance

The rug choice for the entrance is decided by the shape of the front door. Whatever the shape of your entrance is; your rug should be of the same shape. It should be 2-3 feet short of the baseline and border.

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