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What are the properties of micro-link extensions?

Hair is very personal matter and people are giving more importance to it as it has much do with the personality, appearance and attractiveness of a person.  In this article I am going to give a brief account of the properties of micro link hair extensions. Different type of hair styles, different processes like hair straightening, hair curling and different types of hair dying process are ample proof for the importance of hair given by human beings.

All you need to know about micro link hair extensions

As a person ages his hair starts falling. Falling of hair is caused by hereditary factors. It is also caused as a result of aging.  Normal age at which hair falling starts is around 40-45 years. But in some cases it may start at an early date like around 20 years and it may not happen in some cases even till the age of 50-55. There are so many medicines and ointments spreading in the market claiming that they are the perfect solutions to hair loss problem. There are also other solutions like wigs, hair extension, hair transplantation etc.

In hair transplantation new hair from donor area are harvested and planted in the recipient area where baldness has started affecting. This has been considered as a very successful method as this method helps new hair to be transplanted and the start growing after a few months and acts as if it were originally grown there. As hair transplantation is very costly it is not possible for using it as a mass method. Hair extensions are the most common cure for hair loss problems used by women all around the world.

In hair weaving artificial as well as human hair is used. This method alters the appearance of a person by adding additional hair to the natural hair. In this method natural hair of a person is covered with synthetic or natural hair giving it volume and length.

What are micro link hair extensions?

Micro link hair extensions are also known by other names like micro bead   hair extensions and micro-loop hair extensions. In this method natural hair is looped with either synthetic hair or natural hair obtained from other persons. Then it is clamped with a special tool/ clamp and metal bead and heat.  They are then placed on small sections of natural hair. They are then tightened with a special tool/clamp. This method is sometimes damaging as the heat from the metal ring can burn the hair and result in breakage. This method takes around three hours for completion.

Hair so weaved can be washed in a similar way you wash your real hair. This hair can be subjected to hair styling products that you are using regularly. Re-positioning will be needed after every 2-3 months as the natural hair is growing over the micro-beads making them move away from their original positions. Due to various reasons related to factors like heat, the bead, and the clamp tool etc, micro-link fusion is a very damaging process.

Similar to fusion extensions micro-link extensions also lasts for a maximum period of six months only. One needs to do re-positioning in some hair extensions salon Potomac as the growing hair can result in the moving away of the beads from its original position.

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