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What Color Quartz Countertop Goes Best With Maple Cabinets

The earthy, warm, and oh-so-beautiful maple cabinets are a sight to be seen in the kitchen. However, when it comes to countertops, a big question mark may be looming over your head. What goes with maple cabinets? Here are some amazing options for quartz kitchen countertops.

The Good Ole Classic Quartz

Whether it’s light or dark maple cabinets, you can’t go wrong with the selection of classic and evergreen quartz for your kitchen countertops. The layout looks fantastic and you really can’t mess up a good combination of the classics that will never go out of style.

The earthy color of maple combined with the light quartz, and on top of that, the beautiful veining that just adds so much drama to the seemingly plain countertop is out of this world. This combination is perfect for anyone who wants to play with a bit of drama but wants to keep things muted at the same time.

Go Dark

Just because quartz is available in lighter colors doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on the darker variety. It’s just not as common as other quartz colors, but you will blow your mind away with this combination.

This duo pairs well when the countertop is nice and dark, almost black or a medium gray and the maple cabinets have a bit of a light wash to them. This will accentuate both of the articles and your kitchen will look like a thing of beauty.

The combination of light and dark is always a winner and if you love dark-colored quartz counters, then you will be happy to know that these bad boys are easy to maintain, since the dark color camouflages the stains and unevenness perfectly, making these countertops a breeze for people who dread maintaining their countertops regularly.

When In Doubt, Gray It Is

If black or dark quartz isn’t your forte, and you want to go for something that’s slightly muted, but still has a dark edge to it, then you need to try this combination out. Again, this will look best with light-washed maple cabinets, but you can play with a bit of dark cabinets too.

Grey countertops combined with wooden and warm maple cabinets will give your kitchen that modern and chic look without looking too harsh because sometimes, people can complain about the fact that dark countertops mess up the softness of the maple cabinets. Well, the same is not true for gray quartz countertops.

Light Green Looks Heavenly

If you want to get out of the neutral circle and add a bit more color to your kitchen, then light green quartz is here to save the day. There is something about the combination of maple cabinets with green countertops that makes it look like something out of a forest.

Of course, the wood of the maple and the green color of quartz is a combination that pays ode to the trees, but it looks more beautiful in more ways than one. If you love color, then this is a safe option for you.

Can’t Go Wrong With Brown

Brown on brown is a highly underrated trend, but it has amazing results and it looks more than easy on the eyes. Brown quartz, however, will be hard for you to get or if you want, you can DIY the countertops and stain the surfaces of quartz with a tinted brown varnish. This is going to create a beautiful stain on the countertops and you’ll love the look of it with maple cabinets.

As for the cabinets, you can play with the dark and light washes of the material and it will look out of this world.

Soft Blue Is The New Trend

Blue quartz isn’t exactly blue, per se. It’s more like a muted and cool gray but in the right light, it looks almost blue, so that’s a huge plus. If you love the look of cool gray or blue quartz, then this idea is a must try.

Maple has that warmth to it that can be balanced with the coolness of the blue quartz and together, they will make your kitchen into a harmonious blend of colors that not only look amazing to the eyes, but it will be so unique that people won’t help but turn their heads to get another look at this masterpiece. For best results, get them installed by an experienced quartz countertop installer Potomac.

Creamy White Quartz – Just Try It

This one is different from the classic quartz that is stark white. The base color of creamy quartz is beige or off-white and it looks subtle and natural with the lovely maple cabinets. Both are warm-toned colors and their hues will complement each other perfectly, without looking too tacky and matched on purpose.

The veining on these countertops is just like any other quartz, but the main star of the show is the beautiful and soft color of quartz that just looks so soft but has a distinct appearance of its own. Moreover, it will also give a white or creamy marble countertop a run for its money.

The More Patterns, The Better

The next option doesn’t have to do much with color, rather it has to do with patterns. Quartz has a lot of variety when it comes to color and patterns. Some quartz countertops are lightly veined while some have a lot going on the surface. This is what you want to opt for when going for complimentary countertops for maple cabinets.

It won’t look overpowering at all, rather it will have a very nice touch and your kitchen, if it’s too plain and boring, will become more dramatic, in the best way. You don’t want to miss out on this combination.

Mix & Match

Who says you have to opt for just one type of quartz for your kitchen? If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, then you can certainly mix and match different quartz that complement each other and then pair them with the beautiful maple cabinets. This is a lot easier than you think and you will love the look of the kitchen in the end.

The trick is to select two or more quartz countertops that are slightly different but complement each other. So, you can play with different hues, finishes, and patterns to find something you love and then pair them with maple cabinets.

Carrera Quartz

If you love the iconic Carrera marble, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then make way for Carrera quartz, that’s here to save the day. It looks exactly like the real deal and you will love the look of it with the warm maple cabinets.

It’s also a lot more reasonable in price, as compared to its marble counterpart, so you won’t hurt your wallet too much. The beautiful light color, along with the thin and thick veining is just to die for and you’ll have a hard time looking away.


If you’re a fan of quartz countertops, then you will love these pairings because they’re seriously out of this world and you’ll find yourself staring at these amazing combinations. Contact a quartz countertops dealer Rockville to check out various quartz colors and patterns.

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