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What To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

There’s a fair share of people in every society who want their eyelashes to look longer, thicker and beautiful-er. Goes without saying, not everyone is entitled to be born with such pretty eyelashes, so what would be the solution for those who weren’t bestowed with naturally long lashes and yet desire to get them? Ladies, eyelash extensions are all you need. Just go to a hair salon and ask for eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions Are Semi Permanent; They Don’t Stay Forever

If someone desires to get eye lash extensions, he may not delude herself into believing that they’re going to stay forever. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent which are most likely to fade away with the time being. Therefore, don’t obsess over them and be prepared to lose your long and thick eyelashes in a certain period of time.

Eyelash Extensions Do Not Make Your Eyes Feel Heavy

There’s a huge conjecture in many people’s minds that eyelash extensions are difficult to carry, and they can make you feel more and more burdened with each passing day. It’s totally wrong. No such thing ever happens. All these are false beliefs that are conjured up to scare people off.

You Need To Keep Your Eyes From Getting Wet For 24 Hours

When you step out of the beauty salon after getting your eyelash extensions done, you need to be careful of one thing — stay away from water for at least 24 hours. If you soak your eyes within the first 24 hours after your treatment, you’re likely to invite trouble for yourself. So, do what it takes to fend off the threats posed to your eyelash extensions!

Give Oil-Containing Products A Wide Berth For As Long As Those Eyelash Extensions Are There

After 24 hours, water will be an impertinent factor because you’ll be able to wet your eyes the way you always used to albeit you’ll need to steer clear of oil for as long as your extensions are there. Oil-containing makeup products can wreck havoc to your eyelash extensions, hence, make sure to use oil-free products only.

Eyelash Extensions Are Likely To Come Off In 6-8 Weeks

Eyelash extensions have a life span and after that they are likely to die a natural death. Eyelash extensions, more often than not, start coming off after 6 weeks. You’re lucky if your extensions stay for about 8 weeks — 8 weeks is the longest your eyelash extensions could ever live.

In Case Your Eyes Get Itchy , Don’t Hesitate To Have These Extensions Taken Out

If you have sensitive eyes, you might feel a constant itch because of the adhesive that is usually used to adjust the extensions amidst your natural eyelashes. There’s no need to wait some more and see if it vanishes, talk to your salonist right away, and if your salonist recommends do not shy away from getting these extensions taken out.

Go To A Professional And Keep DIYs At An Arm’s Length In Case It Becomes Difficult For You To Carry On With The Eyelash Extensions

When you have a professional salonist, you can easily approach, why risk it at home? Some people try it by themselves and miserably fail. There’s no point in wasting your effort when you’re at the risk of getting it redone by a professional.

How Long It Takes To Get The Extensions Done!

It takes 1-2 hours to get something like this done. You’ll have to sit in a place with both your eyes closed for almost 2 hours. Some people find it boring while some people are grateful for the time they’re spared due to eyelash extensions to relax. It’s all about perspective, you know.

Don’t Forget A Touch Up After 2 Weeks

It is going to last for 8 weeks, so to speak. It is recommended that you visit the salon after every 2 weeks. Don’t wait for the need-of-the-hour to pop up, get the touch-ups done every so often. It’s highly beneficial for you to stay in touch with your salonist even after you safely exit the salon.

Forget About Eye-Rubbing Every Morning

What is the first thing you do when you feel your eyes are itchy? You start rubbing them like anything. This is something you need to beware of. This is something you need to exclude from your to-do list. Some people are habitual of rubbing their eyes in the morning — do not be one of those people.

Moreover, get your eyelashes done from a reliable eyelash extension salon for better results.

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