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How To Avoid Tree Removal Scams

You will find scammers, cheaters and fraudulent people in every place. Their job is to cheat naive people and run away with their hard earned money. Even the tree services industry has its share of scammers and cheaters.

No industry or service sector is spared from the scammers and frauds. They will scan you by portraying themselves as professionals and will either charge you very low or high or ask for payment ASAP. Sometimes you will be able to notice that they are fake due to their outlook and behavior and other times you may succumb to their fraudulent ways. Generally they will come to remove your tree and scam for tree removal. You will see them mostly after a calamity such as a thunderstorm as they know that this type of weather will destroy the trees. If you want to differentiate between original and scammers then look for the signs below to spot them.

Door To Door Service

The most prominent sign of scammers is that they will offer door to door services. Meaning you will not have called them but they will come to your door saying whether you need tree removal or your tree needs removal stating that either it is dead or has weeds or fungal growth or it can fall down. This will all be a lie, they know nothing about tree removal and will be ill equipped.

A Very Low Or A Very High Charge

Just because these people are frauds they have no knowledge on how to remove a tree or how much a tree removal actually costs and that the costs are different for different types and conditions of a tree. On this basis their asking price might be very low for the services that you have them for or they will quote an extremely high price for a small service. Due to this you will be able to spot them right away, so distance yourself or else they might sweet talk you for the service.

Instant Payment Demand

These con artists or scammers will usually ask for immediate or on the spot payment. They might say that they are giving a deal or a discount offer only for today and tomorrow the customer may not be liable for a discount. Mostly the elderly are easily tripped by the offer and people who want to save money also easily rely on these scammers. Also they will ask for cash only and when you pay them, they either do the job badly or say that they will come in an hour with the necessary tools

Not Certified Or Insured

The most important thing to ask any tree service is for their certification and licenses. If it is a company then surely they will have a license and insurance certificate. Insurance is very necessary because if there is an accident then who will hear the costs. Reliable companies have professionals and offer insurance so if there is any damage to property or person, the costs are borne by the company.

Reviews And Remarks

If the company or service is an established one or a proper one then surely it will have many positive reviews on social media. If there are many negative reviews and remarks then completely avoid it because surely they are not legit or they have inexperienced people. Choose a tree company that has many good reviews and positive remarks.

Caution After Disaster

If there has been a thunderstorm in your area and your tree has leaned to one side and you are afraid it might fall any day then you are very much vulnerable to scammers. You would then want any passerby tree service person or anyone who would cut your tree because you are scared of more damage by the tree. Look around for proper tree service companies but never go for just anyone

The world is filled with scammers and frauds. You have to be vigilant and sharp and cross check each and every person and company and do not rely on anyone who is willing to cut your tree. Do your research and proceed. Try to hire tree cutting services MD which are well known in your area or were recommended to you by someone you trust.

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