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Fact-Checking Car Window Tinting Myths

Car window tints serve multiple purposes. For some, it is about privacy, while others carry health concerns. However, since the inception of window tints, certain misconceptions and myths have been surrounding the tinting industry that needs to be addressed. So, if you are planning to get auto glass tinting, here is something you need to keep in mind.

All Window Tints Need Replacement Eventually

One of the most common myths and misconceptions you will hear about window tints is regardless of the type and quality, they will eventually need to be replaced as they will bubble and discolor. However, that is not true.

Window tints come in different varieties that determine the price. For instance, ceramic window tints are the most expensive in the market at the moment and will last a lifetime as compared to dyed windows that are a lot cheaper.

Furthermore, window tints only bubble due to improper installation. This means the window surface was not properly prepared before applying the tint. This is why it is always recommended to get the windows tinted by a professional so that the tint can last for years to come.

Window Tints Block Vision And Will Make The Car Look Too Dark

If you intend to get your windows tinted due to health reasons, you will need to pick a film that blocks most of the UV rays that come in direct contact with your skin. It is not necessary for a film to be dark to block the UV rays.

Some films are transparent but are simply engineered to block UV rays. However, if you want a dark film, you will need to choose the shade percentage. Depending on your state, you may or may not be allowed to go beyond a certain number.

So, you must check in with the local authorities as well. In some cases, you may need a permit as well. Moreover, window tints are manufactured in such a way that the passengers along with the driver can clearly see everything going on outside.

However, due to security and privacy reasons, people outside the vehicle cannot peep inside. Therefore, the myth that window tints block vision is false. In fact, some window tints help reduce the glare from the incoming traffic preventing serious collisions.

Window Tints Only Serve Cosmetic And Aesthetic Purposes

As mentioned earlier, some vehicle owners tend to install window tints to improve the visual appeal of their vehicles. However, that does not mean window tints only serve cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Some window tints are specifically designed to improve security and UV protection.

People who have a sensitive skin tend to install car window tints to avoid health concerns. On the other hand, VIP personalities also have their vehicles tinted for security purposes.

In addition to that, window tints also help keep the vehicle cooler. Direct exposure to the sun can not only heat the interior but also damage it. That said, a vehicle with tinted windows is supposed to be a lot cooler than one without.

Window Tint Protects Windows From Breaking

Having your windows tinted does not protect your windows from breaking. However, if you have installed a high-quality film, it will prevent the glass from shattering all over the place. In some cases, it can also prevent injuries during accidents.

However, keep in mind that this is not the case with every film out there. Only high-quality tint films are capable of that and will only work if installed by a professional.

Window Tinting Is Too Expensive

This is perhaps the biggest misconception and myth surrounding window tints. Most vehicle owners who plan on getting their windows tinted for the first time are scared away just because someone tells them the tints are too expensive.

There are several types of tints out there and the price depends on the type, size, brand, etc. There is no doubt that high-quality tints are expensive but there are some affordable ones too. It primarily depends on the purpose.

If you simply want to make your vehicle look darker, you can go for budget-friendly tint films. However, if you have health concerns, then opting for ceramic window tints is going to be the better option. Moreover, high-quality films should only be installed in a recognized auto tint or protective car film shop Springfield. This means there is going to be added cost for the service as well.

But instead of thinking of it as an expense, you should consider it an investment. The last thing you want is to get high-quality tints installed by an amateur to have them replaced after a few months.

Window Tinting Is Illegal

Car window tinting is not illegal but there might be certain limitations depending on the state or country. The reason is that dark tints do not allow police officers and other authorities to identify the drivers and the passengers.

That said, dark window tints can land you in trouble with the authorities. Then again, check in with your local laws to choose the best percentage for your tints.

Window Tint Film Causes Glass To Break

This misconception has been surrounding window films for a while due to improper and faulty window tint installations. Window films installed to protect against UV rays tend to increase the temperature of the glass. This thermal stress causes the glass to break and shatter.

However, that is a rare case as mentioned earlier. Plus, this mostly happens to commercial buildings, which means you do not have to be worried about your vehicle windows. If the window tints on your vehicle are installed by a professional, you should rest assured the windows will be able to handle the stress.

How Is Auto Window Tint Installed?

The process of installing window tints includes a few steps. To begin with, the expert will thoroughly clean the windows to prepare the surface and ensure there is no dirt and dust. Then, the windows will be measured and the film will be cut accordingly.

Once the film is cut, the expert will spray some liquid on both the windows and the tint to position it properly. Next, the expert will use a squeegee to remove the excess solution and cut the excess film around corners and edges.

Finally, a heat source will be used to help the tint bond perfectly to the windows. It should be kept in mind that window tints also require time to cure. If you are getting the windows tinted in the winter season, you will need to give it some time to cure. In the meantime, you should not roll up or down the windows.

However, if the installation is being done in the hot season, you might have to wait a few hours or a day or two max for the tints to cure.


The above-mentioned myths are just a few we have compiled to discuss. There might be numerous others you might come across. However, it is important to remember that not every myth is true. So, make sure that you always visit reputable window tint shops Springfield. The experts there will help you pick the right car window tint films and also debunk any misconceptions you have before getting the windows tinted.

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