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5 Important Oil Burner Maintenance Tips

Many households prefer using oil furnaces in areas where access to natural gas is limited. These oil burners keep many houses warm during the harsh and cold winter. However, you’ll need your oil furnace working at its best during cold winter months, and this is only possible if you regularly maintain your oil furnace with the help of oil burner repair services.

If you don’t take some time to maintain your oil furnace in the long run, it won’t work properly, and might break down in the middle of a chilly day and cost you a lot of money. Since no one wants that to happen, below mentioned are some of the best oil furnace maintenance tips you should follow to keep your furnace working at its maximum potential and save money.

Keep Looking For Potential Problems

Black soot accumulating in your oil burner can be a bad sign, so, keep looking for any signs of black soot when maintaining your oil furnace. Black soot accumulating outside the furnace unit might mean that there’s something bad happening inside it.

You can also observe the chimney of your furnace while it is on to find signs. If your oil furnace is giving out black smoke while it’s on and working, there might be a problem. Usually, this means that the oil isn’t being burnt completely.

Try Changing The Air Filter

Oil furnaces work for days nonstop, that’s why they need regular air filter changes to keep working at their best. The best time to change your air filter will definitely depend on the brand of oil furnace you’re using. For further information on the filter changing period, you can check the manual that comes with the furnace from the manufacturer.

If you don’t know how to change the furnace filter, don’t try it yourself and hire a heating repair professional to help you out. Many of the oil furnace models require you to change the air filter at least one to two times a year. Also, you might have to change the filter more often if you have pets in your house.

Keep Detecting Unusual Noises

One of the parts of maintaining your oil furnace in a good shape is listening to the sounds it makes over time. You should be concerned if your oil burner is making any weird vibration or rattling sound.

If you aren’t a professional at this work, you should hire one to get help from them. So, if your furnace is making any weird sounds, call an expert oil furnace repair service in your area and get their help right away.

Make A Maintenance Checklist

Most of us don’t know much about the working of oil burners, but this doesn’t change the importance of these furnaces in our houses in the chilly winter months. Since you aren’t an expert at this, it can be easy to forget important parts of your HVAC maintenance routine. That’s why you should make a maintenance checklist to follow whenever you’re maintaining your oil furnace.

Here are the important things to add to your oil furnace maintenance checklist.

  • Check the oil burner
  • Inspecting the fuel lines
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger
  • Checking the vacuum readings
  • Replacing the oil nozzle if needed
  • Cleaning the fan of the burner
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Checking the flame sensor

This is the same checklist as many of the oil furnace experts will have. Remembering this checklist will help you in telling the expert what’s actually wrong with your oil furnace. This will definitely save both yours and their time. If the maintenance is done quickly, it’ll cost you less.

Regularly Clean The Oil Furnace

While it might look like an unimportant thing, properly clearing your furnace is one of the best and the most important oil furnace repair steps. Cleaning your furnace regularly can help keep it working for a long period of time without breaking down or causing any major issues.

To start the cleaning process, turn off the furnace and let it cool down. First of all, use a vacuum to suck any dust sitting on and around the furnace unit. This simple step can help keep the dust and allergy causing materials/organisms from spreading everywhere in your house. This is how you can maintain your oil furnace and can keep it working perfectly in the long run. You can also get furnace services ronkonkoma to carry out routine maintenance and repair.

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