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How to prevent chimney fires in your house

Without a doubt, chimney fires can be extremely devastating. In the United States alone, chimney fires are known to cause millions of dollars in losses. These fires are so extreme, that they can easily burn down the entire house. This is why it is important to clean your chimneys regularly with the help of chimney cleaning services.

Now you might be thinking, what I the relation between chimney services and chimney fires. Well, the thing is that chimney fires, in most cases, occur due to a bad chimney. There are certain reasons why these fires spread and start in the first place. And almost all of these are related with poor maintenance of the chimney.

Ways to prevent chimney fires

If you are having difficulty understanding all of this, do not worry, because in this article, we put together everything that you should know.

Furthermore, we also teach you about all the ways using which you can reduce the risk of chimney fires. This will not just keep your equipment and belongings safe, but it will provide security to your family too.

Get inspection twice in a year

You must get inspection of your chimney at least two times a year. This should be done before the cold season starts. In other words, you must get inspection before firing the chimney up. And for that, you must take help from the highest end chimney cleaning services in your area. This is something that you would not be able to do all by yourself. And this is why you need the help of a professional.

Are you wondering why you cannot do this yourself? Well, the answer is simple. Professional tree services have a number of personal protective equipment and a range of other tools. These tools simply help the experts in accomplishing the task at hand properly.

However, as a layman, you will have to buy all these tools first. And even then, you will need the right level of training. Since that is no less than a hassle, it is better for you to hire professional chimney cleaning companies.

Keep fire low

One of the most common causes of chimney fires is that people keep the fire way too high. However, if you want to prolong your chimney’s health and want to avoid quick buildup of creosote, then we suggest you keep the fire low whenever you start it in the chimney.

Don’t use fuel

A large number of people try to use fuel on the wood in order to burn it quicker. However, this is something that you must avoid. Using fuel simply increases the risk of the chimney fire breaking out. And that is something that you do not want in your fireplace. Otherwise, it could eventually burn your entire house down.

Furthermore, vapors of combustible liquids can evaporate and then move up towards the chimney. There, they can light up and cause chimney fires to break out. It may also put the creosote on fire, which will further make it difficult for you to put the fire out.


The above mentioned three steps are the most important when it comes to keeping chimney fires at bay. By taking care of these steps only, you will reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire by a great amount. The rest, your chimney cleaning experts can guide you better.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that the winter season is over, call in chimney sweep services Bowie and get your chimneys cleaned before the next winter season arrives. This is the only way to avoid chimney issues.

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