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How To Improve Your Car’s Interior And Exterior

From adding cool new seat covers to getting auto glass tinting, car enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to customize and personalize their vehicles.

If you are also searching for ways to improve the interior and exterior of your car, you have come to the right place. Here are a few things you can add to your car and make look and feel a little more personal.

Improving Car’s Interior

  1. Seat Covers

Does it even have to be said? The very first thing that needs to be added are the seat covers. I mean who actually likes the ones that come factory fitted, right? Besides, you are looking to add personality to your ride so what better way to go than add seat covers of your choice. With so many choices of fabrics, prints and stitching styles available, you are sure to find something that satisfies your taste.

  1. The Trims on the Dash

Now that you have added the seat covers of your choosing, you need to match the interior with them. So, what do you do? You go and get some cool looking dashboard trims for your car. You can choose from metal finish, carbon fiber and wood trims depending on your taste. The factory installed trims are really easy to replace and can even be done by you if you handle it with little care.

  1. The Stereo, Duh!

Well, in all honesty, the factory installed stereos are pretty much just standard. They are good enough if you like to enjoy your music without on slower volume and with limited tweaks. However, if like me you also enjoy hardcore beats and simply like to rock while you are on the road, the default stereo system has got to go. Give your car some killer sound by adding a pair of woofers, some high quality speakers and an amplifier.

  1. Give Your Interior a Detail Job

While adding new trims you may have noticed some dirt on the fine edges of the dash of your car. What do you do to get rid of it? Well, you probably don’t have time to take an old toothbrush, dig in and clean all that but you can do the next best thing. Reach out to professionals and get a serious detail job for the interior of your car.

Improving Exterior of Your Car

  1. Auto Window Tint

No matter what you add to your car, nothing makes it look cooler than auto glass tinting. And with tint films now available in multiple colors, you can easily make your car standout from the crowd. Apart from the aesthetic appeal that auto window tinting offers it also provides many other benefits.

You can find a post dedicated to the benefits of auto window tinting in our archives if you are interested. Coming back to the point, remember, window tints are a must have for any car.

  1. Get Body Kits

There is no better way of giving your ride a facelift than getting it a body kit. While body kits are expensive, they have a power to completely transform your ride into something entirely different, something out of a movie. Body kits nowadays are available in a lot of different finishes. Depending on the look you are going for, you can get them in polyurethane, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Body kits also get you noticed immediately, if you are looking to get some numbers ;).

  1. The Spoiler

I don’t know why it is called that since it does exactly the opposite of its name. It is if auto window tinting Springfield was called no auto tinting. If you have added a body kit to the exterior of your car, getting a spoiler is a must. Think of it as the final piece of your body kit like a period at the end of a sentence. However, make sure you choose the one that not only enhances the aerodynamics of your car (yes, that’s what they are supposed to do) but also compliments its looks.

  1. Exhaust and Rims

So, you have got the body kit, the spoiler and auto glass tinting; all that remains now is an exhaust tip and some nice looking rims to complete the look. With all the other things already added an exhaust tip and rims will only help in further complimenting the personality of your car.

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