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Tire Maintenance Tips For Beginners

Tires are an integral part of a car. Sadly, they are neglected very much. The following article will help you take care of your car’s tires, and you will be able to know what Porsche repair shops know.

Porsche maintenance tips

Compressed air is inserted inside tires. Overtime air escapes the tires (due to multiple reasons). Also, tire pressure is not constant throughout the whole year.

In summers, with more heat air pressure increases while in winter, there is lesser pressure. Taking note of climate, you need balanced pressure for optimum functionality.

When you start your car, see the car is balancing its weight on all tires. If it seems inclined towards a specific place, it is likely that the particular tire has lost air.

Driving On Smooth Roads

Less hurdles across your tires, better will they be. Avoid driving on bumpy roads and use main highways. As often as necessary, avoid roads with uneven bumps, on which your tires have to do more work.

This also means to avoid off-road driving.

High Speed = Death of Tires

High speed generates more friction which gradually wears off the rubber skeleton of the tires. Surely high speed is a thrill but is also expensive on your pockets.

Certified BMW and Porsche mechanic near me recommend medium speeds for your health safety as well as for the safety of tires.

Checking Tire Depth

Porsche repair shops recommended to check the depth of your car’s tires every 3000 miles. To help our readers, we have included the following tests:

  • Penny Test:

Insert a penny inside the groove of a tire with Lincoln’s head facing towards you (upside down position). If you can see all the head, your tire’s depth is less than 2/32 inch. It is now time to replace your tire.

  • Quarter Test:

Like penny test, insert a quarter inside a tread’s groove. If the tread is touching the head of Washington, you have at least 4/32 inch of remaining tread. Again, it is advised to replace your tire.

  • Viewing:

With viewing, you can learn a lot about tires. If there is wear on both edges, it indicated under inflation. This generates excessive heat and diminishes the toughness of a tire, hence becoming a burden on fuel economy.

If your tires are wearing from center, it is a sign of over inflation.

To know about the wheel alignment, your drive won’t have erratic scrubbing against the road (meaning the edges of a tire won’t have a saw-tooth appearance)

Ultimate Tip

Always have a spare tire with you, at all costs. You don’t know if someone has carelessly thrown a sharp object on the road and your tire may burst at any point. If you don’t know how to fit a tire, watch helpful YouTube tutorials regarding the subject.

Imagining worst case scenario: You should always have a spare tire and contact details of certified Porsche mechanic near me.

Also, overtime natural oils inside the tire’s rubber will evaporate causing it to crack. Don’t go for the limit of 3000miles (5000 kms). If you sense your tires have worn out well before time, consider them getting replaced at certified “Porsche mechanic near me”.

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