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How To Survive Allergy Seasons

So, your allergy season is around the corner and you don’t want to visit the best allergy clinic again? Well, if you wish for that then you should take some precautionary measures to survive the allergy season and here is how you can do that;

Determine the Allergens Causing You an Allergy

It is extremely important to know what is triggering or causing you an allergy so that you could take medication accordingly. If you cannot figure this out yourself then visit an allergy doctor so that he/she could determine the actual cause of your allergy and treat you rightly.

Limit Your Exposure to the Allergens

Once you get to know your allergens, it’s time to stay away from them as much as you can. Also, keep a track on the pollen counts so that you can limit your outdoor activities in those days.

Keep the Breezes Out

Even if it is an amazing weather outside but the pollen count is greater, then unfortunately, you would have to stay indoors and keep the windows and doors shut so that the breezes stay outside only, and pollens don’t sneak into your home because the pollens easily get stuck to your clothes, carpets or curtains and trigger your allergy. Or, you can install the HEPA filters in your home that removes the pollens from your indoor air and make the environment safe for you.

Take Medicines Before the Symptoms Show Up

If you want to survive the allergy season without visiting an allergy center then start taking the medications for your allergy such as antihistamine before the symptoms hit you up. Don’t wait for the allergies to strike you and frustrate you, pick up your medications or spray and use them daily once or twice a day till the day the allergy season starts. This is a great step if you want to spend the season without facing any troubles and without visiting an allergy doctor every other day.

Cover Your Face with a Mask When Going Outside

You would be however directed to limit your exposure to the allergens by the doctors in allergy centers in order to survive the allergy season especially when the pollen count is high. But, if you have any important work to do or place to visit then use a surgical mask to cover your mouth and nose so that no allergen gets the chance to enter your nasal cavity and trigger the allergy.

Get a Shower As Soon As You Get Home

When you travel in the outside world, the small particles get stuck to your clothes, hair, and shoes which easily enter your house along with you. So, make sure you take a shower as soon as you get back home to drain away every single particle then came along and also throw your clothes in the laundry to get them cleaned as well.

Exercise Indoors

If you are a morning person and go for a walk and do yoga in the fresh air then you might have to shift your daily workout to the indoors especially during the time when the pollen count is at its peak. You could replace your morning walk with a treadmill that you can easily bring into your home and do yoga in your living room while playing music in the background.

Improve Your Diet

There could be a possible reason that your allergies are being triggered by a certain food that you eat. In such a case, you need to visit an allergy center and consult your doctor so that they could tell you more about the things that are safe for you to eat and what things you should avoid.

Rinse Your Nasal Cavity

Use nasal cleaning solutions and rinse your nose using a rinse kit or a neti pot. Do this every time you enter your home from outside to make your nasal cavities free from allergens. This practice also helps in easing allergy symptoms.

Consult a Medical Practitioner

When nothing works or when you don’t know what to do, visit the best allergy doctor Manassas VA and share your condition with them so that they could provide you the medication and also tell you the tips and tricks to prevent allergies.

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