How abortions are carried out in US during the second trimester?

This article is intended to aid the pregnant women to take decision about the appropriate procedure  for pregnancy termination. The contents of this guideline must not be considered as exclusive treatment procedure for any pregnant women to carry out abortion.  The health and physique of the patient, limitations unique to the clinic, and the resources that can be spent by the relatives of the patient etc play vital role in further making this treatment guidelines successful in the practical life.

Second trimester abortion

About half of the pregnancies in United States occur unintentionally and about one in three women undergo abortion at least once before they reach the age of 45. Statistics show that out of the 1.2 million abortions that took place in the US in the year 2008 6.2 % were during the gestation period of 13 to 15 weeks. And 4 % were during the gestation period of 16 weeks or more. Abortions after 21 weeks accounted to only 1.3 %. The abortions carried out during the second trimester have remained stable during the last four decades. Second trimester is usually defined as the period between 13 weeks and 36 weeks of gestation.


Termination of pregnancy during the second trimester is an important component of women’s health care for a number of social as well as medical reasons. Circumstances leading to second trimester abortion include delay in suspecting pregnancy, delay in obtaining funding or  insurance cover, difficulty in locating a good family planning abortion clinic, major disruptive incidences in the family etc. premature rupture of membranes, preeclampsia etc can be medical indications for second trimester abortions.

Abortion procedures

Following the historic judgement of the Supreme Court legalizing abortion, the techniques used for second trimester abortion have changed considerably. Physicians started using the first trimester abortion techniques in the second trimester also with some modifications. Another technique known as D&E was developed by researchers which became very popular instantaneously. D&E was considered as very successful and began to be used widely for aborting the pregnancies that have entered into the second trimester.


Surgical and medical methods can be followed to carry out medical termination of pregnancy during the second trimester. Evidences show that about 95 % of medical termination of pregnancy in the second trimester are carried out by  a procedure known as D & E which is the short form  of Dilation and Evacuation. After the required dilation is achieved analgesia and anaesthesia are administered. After this the fetus is removed through the cervix with the help of forceps. At the end a curette is used to finally suck the remaining portion of the fetus, if any, to ensure that the uterus is completely evacuated.

Medical abortion

It is possible to carry out the abortions in the second trimester through medical induction. Termination with the induction of of misoprostol is less effective compared to D&E and has a greater risk factor also and can result in incomplete and prolonged abortions.  Mifepristone, osmotic cervical dilators, prostaglandin analogues etc are used in combination for carrying out medical abortion. Mifepristone followed by misoprostol is the most effective course of treatment for medical termination  of pregnancy.

Induced abortion

Induced abortion is the most debated medical issue in the recent years in United States. Supreme Court has given its final verdict in the year 1973 upholding the right of American citizens to abort their unwanted pregnancies. But this verdict has made the many state laws regarding the conditions like gestational age limits, restrictions regarding the use of state funds, minimum facilities to be provided in every hospital etc as untenable.

The present situation in United States urge physicians to be knowledgeable regarding the legal issues of abortion in different states so that they can provide appropriate treatment to the patients approaching second trimester abortion clinics Washington for abortion and related issues. In the year 2011, twenty four states have passed some enactments regulating and restricting abortion and six states have banned all abortions of pregnancy cases which crossed the gestation period of 20 weeks.

Basic details of back pain explained in brief

Back pain is the most important reason for people to miss work as they are compelled to meet doctors either by going to a back pain specialist hospital or by going to a clinic near his house. This condition is considered as the leading cause of disability throughout the world. Most people would have experienced back pain at least once in their life time.

Fortunately there are some easy and simple measures with which one can prevent back pain episodes completely in his life. If prevention tactics do not work, one can resort to home treatment. Practicing proper body mechanics has been found to be very useful in healing one’s back pain within a few weeks and make his body fully functional. Often surgery is not needed to escape from back pain. Only rarely surgeons resort to surgical procedures when all the conventional treatment procedures do not yield any appreciable difference.

Symptoms of back pain

  1. Stabbing of shooting pain
  2. Muscle ache
  3. Pain radiating down your leg
  4. Pain which gets worsened when standing, walking, lifting etc
  5. Pain that improves while reclining

Most back pains have been found to improve considerably or vanish altogether within some weeks as self-care and home treatment improves. If no appreciable difference or improvement is noticed it will be better to see the doctor and act according to his advice under the following circumstances.

  • When bowel or bladder problems are created afresh due to back pain
  • When back pain is accompanied by fever
  • When back pain is caused as a result of a fall, or a blow or other injury
  • If it remains severe and does not improve even after taking medications
  • If the back pain spreads down the legs below the knee
  • If tingling, numbness or weakness is noticed in both legs.
  • If unexpected weight loss is experienced as a result of the back pain

Similarly, if you are a person aged above 50, then you must see doctor even if you are getting back pain for the first time in your life.

Causes of Injury and spinal degeneration

Sometimes people feel back pain coming suddenly and lasting for about six weeks in acute condition. This can often be the after effect of a fall or a heavy lifting effort made by the patient. Back pain that lasts more than three months is not common than the pain referred above. Back pains for which one is not able to relate to any cause can be identified correctly by the orthopaedist with the help of image studies. Most common conditions which can be linked to back pains are:

Ligament or muscle strain: Repeated heavy lifting or some sudden awkward movement can cause strain to your back bones or muscles resulting in painful muscle spasms.

Bulging ruptured discs: Discs can be considered as cushions that act as shock absorbers between the bones of your spine. The soft material inside the disk gets bulged as a result of continuous usage or heavy and sudden shocks. Sometimes bulged discs without any pain can also happen. Often disk diseases are found incidentally when X-rays are taken for diagnosing some other medical conditions.

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis also known as degenerative joint disease occurs commonly on knees,  hip, lower back, neck etc. Cartilage acts as cushion in the joint between bones. Due to wear and tear, overuse and overage the cartilage breaks causing pain and swelling. Overtime the cartilage beaks down and the spurs rub against the bones leading to pain and joint damage.

Skeletal irregularities: in some persons the spine curves to one side and this condition is known as scoliosis. Scoliosis curve of the spine is either S shaped or C shaped. In some cases the degree of curve does not change as time passes but in some other cases the curve increases as time passes. Back pain due to scoliosis often comes out only after the middle ages.

Osteoporosis: osteoporosis can occur as a result of lower bone mass or upper bone mass than normal. Due to this condition bones usually break in the vertebrae, forearm, lower arm, spine, hip etc. According to back pain doctor Woodbridge VA acute pain and inability to carry out normal functions are often shown by osteoporosis patients.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Nasal Allergies

As spring starts, flowers bloom everywhere around and it looks beautiful. Along with beauty in the surroundings, spring brings many kinds of fall allergies for many people.

Fall allergy treatments

Researchers say that around 50% of people develop nasal allergies which can be a menace. These allergies are a result of the climatic change increase in air pollution. The pollen from the grass and trees, fecal matter from different insects, dust, ingredients in beauty products and animal dander cause nasal allergies. The nasal allergies can be really disturbing because they give constant sneezing fits, blocked nose, headaches and nasal drip. These top home remedies for your spring allergies will surely ease you and provide you comfort.

Home Remedies For Nasal Allergies

  1. Spices

Yes, spices surely help in losing your nasal blockages and reducing your spring allergies. Spices such as red pepper, cayenne pepper, fenugreek, garlic, ginger and even onions contain capsaicin which thins the mucus causes some relief in your nasal allergies. You can increase the number of spices in the daily cooked food when you have allergies.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a miracle natural remedy which boosts your immune system and also helps in fighting allergies. Apple cider vinegar has been used for years for various health issues and also improves digestion and aids in weight loss. The key is to use pure organic apple cider vinegar. Use a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink at least thrice a day to cure yourself of your nasal allergies.

  1. Honey

Honey is also a home remedy for allergies. The effect is slow but it surely helps in the time of your allergies. Honey also has many health benefits so it is completely safe to use all year round. Take 1 to 2 tbsps of pure, organic and raw honey.

  1. Neti Pot

This is another home remedy. In this, the pot is filled with a saline water solution and is poured from one nostril and it comes out from the other. This way all the allergens, nasal blockage, irritant particles and sinus particles are flushed out. You can make a saline water solution at home by mixing salt and water.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil and Frankincense Oil

These natural oils are known to reduce the allergens away. There are various ways you can implement these oils to reduce your allergies.

  • You can rub these oils behind your ears and on your chest multiples times a day.
  • You can inhale these oils with a diffuser.
  • You can add these oils in your detergents to remove the allergens from your clothes.
  • You can diffuse these oils in your home and office and burn them daily for 3 hours to remove the allergic particles from your house.

Apart from these natural home remedies you can also get allergy shots MD done at least once a year or at the time of your allergies to stop the allergies. These allergy shots are known to reduce your allergies up to 60%. You can also do a mix of home remedies as well as get allergic shots to be on the safe side.

Important tips for weight loss diet plan

Obese persons are often searching for diet plans which can help them to reduce the excess weigh at a faster pace. One must understand weight loss is not a cakewalk. Hard work, patience, best weight loss diet, regular exercise etc are very essential for anybody who eagerly yearns for losing his excess weight. Now let us approach this problem in   a systematic manner. I am going to ask some questions. Answers to these questions will explain what is your problem and many other important and relevant factors related to your best diet plan for weight loss program.

What is your weight loss goal?

The goal of any person who wants to reduce his excess weight is clear and does not require any clarification. But here the issue is not that.  How much weight do you want to reduce and how many months or years you are ready to work for it. Whether your goal is realistic?  Hoping to reduce about 20 kgs within two months is not realistic and if you expect like that it is not going to happen and your plans will fail in the initial days and you will be tempted to leave the program. Realistic goal can be l or 2 Kgs per month in the case of young people who can work hard and I Kg per month in the case of elderly people and those who are not willing to sacrifice anything.

Are you in need of any support for weight loss?

Some best diet plan for weight loss provides custom support. Some other plans provide a book and some videos. It is not necessary to get one to one support in weight loss program. You are the person to decide whether you need any support or not.  If you have no idea how to lose weight fast even though you hope for it, I suggest that you may opt for a support.

Is it flexible?

Some best weight loss diet program prohibits you from eating certain foods. They do not take into account your  life style or level of activity before imposing the restrictions. For example if your activity level is high and if the nutritional intake is reduced as per the diet plan, you may not be able to continue the activities you have done till recently. So make sure that the diet plan you opt for is not strict and do not allow any minor variations.

Is it healthy?

There are some diets which are full of tablets, supplements and liquid food. In fact, they are not healthy.    They will look beneficial only on papers. A diet plans full of nutrition, enough protein, regular exercises etc are healthy and beneficial. These are some important tips about what a good diet plan should look like and what should be its components. If you keep them in mind and ascertain that the diet plan you select fulfills the above mentioned requirements you can be assured that you have selected a good diet plan and therefore you can proceed confidently and wait for good results. You should visit a weight loss clinic fairfax.