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What Happens In A Tree Inspection Done By Arborists?

Tree inspections are important to keep trees healthy and strong. Depending on the type of tree, the inspection and maintenance process may differ. An arborist using their skills and experience can spot signs & symptoms that are otherwise not visible to a regular human being. So, let’s take a deeper look into how tree inspections are performed by tree services and why they matter.

Why Are Tree Inspections Performed?

Tree inspections are primarily performed to evaluate the condition of the trees. The reason there are people who specialize in this and actually possess certifications and licenses is because it is a full-time job. Being an arborist might look easy but it can be a complicated job when it comes to dealing with extremely complicated and expensive cases.

As mentioned earlier, the inspections and maintenance may differ depending on the type of tree. Trees can be seasonal or all-season. This means as an arborist, you need to be aware of all the diseases, remedies, and curing techniques along with the right products to use at the right time.

At the same time, some trees are relatively weaker or stronger than others when it comes to fighting diseases and healing. This means they might also be sensitive. However, all this information is not so common among regular homeowners. They think of every tree as the same let alone the maintenance.

Furthermore, trees are also able to pass on infections, diseases, and allergies. Considering the fact that trees attract insects and birds, it is not so difficult for homeowners to get affected as well if the diseases take effects on humans. Plus, the signs & symptoms of an unhealthy or dying tree are not similar in every case.

It might be that a tree has developed a minor infection causing the leaves to turn brown and drop. This does not denote that the tree is dying. But, in other cases, this might be true. That said, an arborist will always determine the root cause of the problem by considering all the important and relevant factors. This helps you protect the beauty of your yard and also keeps the soil healthy.

And whenever your arborist determines that the tree is dangerous, infested, or about to die, you should not wait any longer to cut it down. As removing a tree is a difficult and dangerous job on its own, get involved tree removal services Chevy Chase.

How Is A Complete Tree Inspection Performed?

A complete inspection may take a few hours to a few days because the actual time period depends on various things. Typically, a complete inspection is divided into three parts: soil and root collar, trunk sections, and tree limbs and branches. To begin with, the arborist will examine the condition of the soil and the roots.

Keep in mind that soil plays a significant role in determining the lifespan of the tree. Some trees may require a special type of soil to grow. Once the arborist has determined the type of tree, they will try to find out whether the existing soil is good enough to support the tree.

Next, the arborist will try to find and investigate the root collar to find indicators like discoloration, fungal growth, and trunk girdling. All such signs along with other symptoms indicate a weak structure. So, as an arborist, this is their priority, to make sure the tree is in good condition.

Now that the arborist is done inspecting the root collar and the soil, it is time to inspect the trunk. The trunk gives a lot of information about the tree’s health, which should not be ignored. An arborist will check for large cracks, loose bark, and hollow areas.

These signs help determine that your tree is suffering from structural weakness but at the same time also indicate disease, infection, or infestation. Remember, infestations can become a serious headache if the infested tree is planted close to the house.

Termites or other insects feeding on the tree can easily make their way inside your house as well. Therefore, as soon as you or the arborist observes the slightest symptom, it should be dealt with to prevent intruders from welcoming themselves.

And finally, it comes down to tree limbs and branches. As mentioned previously, trees can show symptoms but they vary depending on the tree type. Usually, an unhealthy tree will have leaves turning brown and the limbs or the branches falling off.

In addition to that, the arborist will also inspect the tips to see if new leaves are being produced or have simply stopped growing. This can be the case of an infestation, where even the existing leaves tend to fall to the ground.

How Often To Inspect A Tree?

The frequency of tree inspection by an arborist depends on the type of trees you have in your back or front yard. If you are someone who likes to have different varieties, you will need more regular arborist visits. Being surrounded by trees is surely a sight to sore eyes but is an expensive hobby.

Ideally, you should have your trees inspected at least twice a year whether there is a problem or not. The biggest misconception around trees is that if they look fine, they are most probably fine from the inside too. Some infestations and diseases take time to become prominent and by then, the chances of tree survival are close to zero.

Therefore, to avoid expensive trees from dying on you, you should hire an expert who can perform a thorough inspection and help the trees live a better life.

Are Tree Inspections Expensive?

Tree inspections can be affordable or expensive as many factors are at play. If you are someone who likes to have multiple types of trees, then you will surely need a professional and that is going to be expensive. Moreover, some trees tend to cost thousands of dollars and require special attention.

At the same time, tree infestations and diseases can take a long time to cure. This means an arborist will have to make multiple visits to keep track of the progress. However, as a homeowner, part of the responsibility also lies on you to perform weekly inspections and keep an eye out for unusual signs & symptoms.

Furthermore, if you have the right tools and skills, you can also trim the branches and perform various other types of simple tasks. But, if the trees happen to be big, you should avoid risking injuries. Plus, some tree diseases and concerns are relatively easier to address than others.

You can help the tree recover by purchasing off-the-shelf products and following the instructions mentioned on the product. And, if the situation has come to the point where the tree looks as if it is about to die, you should immediately call an expert.


Tree inspections carried out by arborist services Potomac are thorough and precise. They are important to protect the trees especially if they are unique and expensive. So, if you want the greenery to remain for life, you will need to spend some on an arborist, who ensures that your natural show pieces are kept in the best way possible.

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