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Is A Wool Rug Worth It

While talking about buying wholesale oriental rugs, the discussion invariably turns towards wool rugs. But is an expensive wool rug worth the investment?

This is the question many buyers have been arguing about for a long. Let’s dig into the discussion to see what factors make wool rugs worth the money? And what you should know beforehand?

The Durability Of A Wool Rug

It is definitely the durability of a wool rug that makes it most desirable. Do you know a wool rug can last for decades and even centuries? Interesting, right?

But, a specific type of wool provides this durability, and not all wool rugs are this original.

First of all, you need to buy a pure wool rug with no combination of synthetic fiber. And secondly, a hand-knotted rug is one that claims to last for centuries.

A wool rug can retain its color and design for a long time.

Do Wool Rugs Shed?

While counting the durability, the shedding of a rug does count. It is important to note that a handmade wool rug will shed, but it will stop shedding after some time.

On the other hand, if your rug won’t stop shedding or you see a lot of fabric shedding, then your rug is blended.

A blended rug of wool and synthetic fibers will definitely shed. It is because synthetic fibers are more prone to wear and tear.

Also, a machine-made wool rug is less tightly knotted than a hand-made rug, and it can possibly shed.

A Hypoallergenic Fiber

The wool rug is a safe choice for those with allergy issues. It resists dust, moisture, and even bacterial growth.

And if you live in a place with high humidity, you should definitely place wool rugs in your home. Along with absorbing moisture, the fibers of a wool rug react with that moisture and create warmth. Eventually, you can enjoy a cozy, warm floor even in a snowy winter.

Wool Rugs Are Safe To Use

You can even place a wool rug in front of a fireplace. It’s safe and doesn’t catch fire.

The wool fibers are self-extinguishing and only turn black when the fire reaches them.

While on the other side, synthetic fibers quickly catch fire and can damage the furniture around them. So this adds to a plus point in the list of pros of wool rugs. And it’s a perfect choice for a house with kids.

Wool Rugs Are Easy To Clean

When I say wool rugs are easy to clean, that doesn’t mean just put them in the washing machine, and you’re done. They do require a little care while cleaning, but the graceful look of a wool rug at the end of the day will pay you off.

Now for the regular cleaning, use the same old method of hanging the rug and beating it gently with the broom. It’ll help get rid of the sedimented dust. Also, you can clean it with a carpet sweeper or a horsehair broom. But it is advised; never vacuum your wool rug.

And if sometimes you have to vacuum it, do it gently and carefully. Also, it is never recommended to vacuum your rug more than twice a month.

Wool Rugs Are A Popular Choice

With a wide variety of options and benefits a wool rug can provide, it is a popular choice.

And it’s just beautiful regardless of why you’re choosing it. You can almost never point out where the rug is wet or cleaned with a patterned rug. It becomes a focal point of your room furniture, beautifully joining it together.

Should You Place Wool Rugs In A High Traffic Area?

Well, the answer is not a straight yes, because it depends on many different factors. Also, a wool rug is a big investment, and you definitely wouldn’t want to ruin it with high traffic and carelessness.

Your wool rug may fade sooner than its actual age due to more foot traffic, spills, and over-shedding. Also, if you’re putting it in a place where you have to walk a lot or stand for long, it might start to feel itchy. And another thing you should know before going to rug stores Northern VA, a rug with more spills followed by more cleaning starts to smell as well.

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