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Encouraging your customers to leave reviews

Nowadays, shoppers literally do not buy a service or a product without reading reviews about it first. This is the standard practice, when to come to online shopping. This is because most of the purchases on the internet cannot otherwise be relied upon. Regardless of that, a big number of service providers and business owners do not understand the importance of reviews. So, we always recommend business owners to make use of a review management software to manage all the reviews for a positive brand outlook. 

It is important to note that a big number of people read positive reviews and rely on them. At the same time, only about 10% people will use a service regardless of the negative reviews. Ask yourself? Are you more likely to buy a product with 50 positive reviews or a product with 20 negative reviews? It is obvious! 

Top ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews 

Now that you know how important reviews are for your business, let us talk about ways to encourage your customers. This will encourage them to leave positive reviews. 

Get your homework done 

Literally the first thing that you need to do is to get your homework done. Furthermore, make sure that you are present on all of the different platforms. Always start with a major platform in the beginning. Since this is your business, make sure that you are taking full responsibility of it. Apart from Google, consider other websites that include Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. Furthermore, also consider other websites where your (let’s suppose, rug business) can get online reviews. 

Make it easier 

Usually, only those customers leave positive reviews who have a polarized experience. This includes either those who are very happy with the service, or those who are very dissatisfied. So in order to encourage more reviews, make it easy for the customer to leave one. Otherwise, why else do you think a customer will want to take the pain of leaving a review? 

Reward it 

Always offer incentives to people for leaving a review. However, this does not certainly mean that you have to pay for the reviews. This is because paid reviews are usually very easy to recognize. Basically, you want the reviews to sound very authentic. They should always come from those who have actually bought or used your service at least once. Though, what you can do is, offer points via customer loyalty program. 

Sending followup emails 

Followup emails are the customers have used your service/product, is a great way to solicit some positive reviews.. However, if your service is not good enough, this can actually backfire. In case a customer is not satisfied and you ask them for a review, chances are that he/she is definitely going to leave one in that case. 

Thank every reviewer 

It is a great habit to say ‘thank you’ to every reviewer after he/she has used your product/service. This is something that creates a lot of goodwill among customers. Moreover, this is something that does not even take any effort. So, you are not at a loss for thanking every customer for using your service. 

Ending note 

The greater reviews a product has on the internet, the more trustworthy the brand looks. In turn, this gives shoppers a lot of faith in your brand. Ultimately, this drives the retail sales very high. In this regard, you may also want to subscribe to some review generation tools to generate and manage your business reviews. The key to having a great business, is to put a lot of focus on online reviews and to understand their importance.

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