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6 Reasons To Choose Quartzite Countertops

As we all know about the obvious fact that good countertops bring life to your kitchen. There are many options of materials available which you can choose for your counter like quartz, marble and granite countertops. However, amongst the many materials, one of the best is the quartzite.

If you are looking for good kitchen countertops then we recommend that you consider quartzite because it stands out from all the materials. You will probably wonder how is quartzite different and better than other countertop materials; well this is what you are about to find out in this article.

It Is Very Different From Granite

Everyone compares quartzite countertops to granite worktops because both are hard natural stones. Although both stones are almost similar but quartzite is harder than granite. It is also less porous and less dense than granite. It doesn’t have to be sealed like granite because of its less density (but it’s better to seal the countertop to be on the safe side). Granite has dark spots and flecks in it which comes from molten lava but quartzite is lighter in look with almost no dark spots.

It Looks Like Marble

White quartzite looks very similar to marble. People often mistake it for marble. If you like the look and touch or marble but it is too expensive for you then you can choose quartzite instead because it is a great alternative. However, quartzite is better than marble because it is hard, won’t get scratched easily, won’t get chipped, etc. it is like having marble but without its drawbacks.  Many quartzite can be alternatives of marble such as White Dallas is a substitute of Calcutta marble, Macaubas and White Princess is a substitute for Carrara marble and the list goes on and on. So, whether you have large or small kitchen – dark or light themed, it will fit perfectly.

Quartzite Is Different From Quartz

Despite the similarity in names; both stones are very different from each other. The biggest difference is that quartzite is a natural stone but quartz is a man-made stone. Quartzite is created when sand is heated and compressed below the surface of the earth and quartz is created by combining the pieces of sand, resin, and polymer by man. Because of being a natural stone; quartzite is more expensive than quartz but quartz is not resistant to heat and scratches like quartzite is. Because quartz is made by man; it has more color options as compared to quartzite and it is also more flexible than the natural hard stone.

It Is Affordable

Quartzite is not as expensive if you take into account its many advantages. But, comparing it to many materials it will seem expensive. However, if you compare them to granite and marble then you will find quartzite in a similar range. It generally starts from 60$ per sq. and goes up to 100$ per sq. If you go for a more unique and exotic quartzite then it will be more expensive, similarly, if you buy a thicker slab then it will be more expensive. So, you need to choose wisely keeping in mind your budget and your requirements.

They Are Low Maintenance

Quartzite is a pretty low maintenance stone for countertops. If your quartzite counter is not sealed then it might require some additional care but if it is sealed then a simple wet cloth can keep it clean. However, a few things should be kept in mind for quartzite; that if there is something spilled on it then it should be cleaned immediately, to wash the counter a mild soap should be used and seals should be done every 15 months at least.

They Come in Various Colors

Quartzite has many beautiful colors available. However, like natural stone, it still has limited color options as compared to man-made materials like quartz. Quartzite is generally available in white, cream, grey, brown, green, blue and red hues. Apart from these colors, there are more colors available like hues of pink and a combination of colors. The colors in quartzite are given to it by nature, nature paints the stones with beautiful colors which man can never do. Whatever color your kitchen is; you are sure to find a quartzite that will go with your kitchen.

If you want to buy a good countertop then look at the benefits of quartzite and not just the price before buying from countertop replacement companies Rockville. It is beautiful, durable, heat and scratch resistant, long-lasting, and will also give your kitchen a great look.

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