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10 Questions To Ask Granite Installers

Granite provides a luxurious feel to your house and is undoubtedly a great investment so, when you visit a granite company for the contract, make sure you get every single point clear in your head and you get maximum knowledge. Also, below are mentioned some important questions that you should definitely ask your contractor.

How long has been your company in this business?

The foremost thing to know is the experience of a company in a specific field because, on the basis of the experience, you can get a rough idea about their standard. If the company is new, you should doubt their services, quality of materials and equipment used, but if the company is in the business for 10-15 years or more, it would get a little easier to trust their services.

Do you have knowledge about different stones?

Well, having vast knowledge in a specific and related field is pretty impressive. So, ask your contractor that, do they know about different types of stones that can be used for the purposes that you require? Also, ask them about the pros and cons of granite or any stone that you like. If your contractor has knowledge about these all, it is highly possible that the workers they have would also be trained and educated about different types of stones as well.

Can I have a look at some of your samples?

Granite comes in a huge variety of designs and types which you can choose according to the place and surroundings. Ask your granite countertop installer for the samples to have a look at it so that you can get an idea about their work and also about different types. If you cannot pick a countertop design or type on your own, just tell your contractor about what you wish to have and they would show you the perfect piece according to your desire.

Why should I choose granite countertops?

Granite is the gold standard in countertops. Most of the contractors, interior designers, and architects recommend granite countertop over any other. It’s a bit pricey, but a perfect investment.

Would you seal granite countertops after installation?

It is an extremely important question to ask because sealing your granite is very necessary to maintain its durability. If the granite company that you are hiring have the policy of sealing the granite after installation then it is beyond amazing but if it doesn’t then you can ask the contractor for it or get it done on your own.

Would you handle the granite fabrication and installation?

It seems an unnecessary question because you would think, who else will fabricate and install the granite countertop I’m buying? However, many unreliable countertop installers give sub-contract to cheap stone contractors and you end up with a faulty stone or bad countertop installation which would reflect bad on your whole kitchen, not to mention.

Would there be any hidden cost?

Well, you would not be pleased to see some extra dollars added in the bill at the end of the project. So, in order to avoid such unpleasant surprises, ask your contractor about the hidden charges so that you make decisions accordingly and don’t go out of your budget at the end.

In how much time would the installation be completed?

There are some places in your house that you have to use every day such as bathrooms and kitchen. Moreover, these two are the places that generally require granite fittings so, make sure you ask this question from your contractor so that you make some arrangements for it. However, granite fitting doesn’t require the whole day, it is completed in about 4-5 hours or even less.

Would there be any warranty?

Almost every professional and experienced companies offer a warranty to their customers to ensure that if any fault occurs within a year or two, they would be there to cover it.

Can I get some referrals?

Your personal satisfaction is a must and it can be done by talking to some previous customers of the company you are having a contract with. Also, you can check the online reviews about the company to know about their services.

Do ask the aforementioned questions from your granite countertop installer Durham NC to avoid getting conned. They would also be helpful in guiding you through most of the process.

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