Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening

In a lot of cultures across the world, there is high regard for a woman’s hair and it is considered to be an indication of beauty. There is a Permanent hair straightening salon available to anyone who desires to have straight hair. Before you go to the salon, you need to know the following information about the service.

It is why a lot of women go through a lot to make sure that their hair is always looking fabulous. Straight hair is particular attractive and it shows order and exemplary beauty. However, not every woman is born with a naturally straight hair, but at least artificial ways are available to anyone who wants to have straight hair for good.

Long term solution to hair frizz

It can be a long-term solution to taming frizzy and curly hair. These systems have been increasingly popular in the recent times and there are a lot of options available in the market. However, you should know that different methods come with advantages and disadvantages. This is why you should make sure to do a lot of research to choose the best method for you.

Generally, majority of the techniques used in permanent hair straightening is linked to using certain chemicals to treat your hair and application of strong heat so the chemicals get sealed in.

Improves hair smoothness

The procedure helps to make hair smoother and it develops a silkier appearance. It is undeniably a characteristic that a lot of women wish for and it is for a very good reason. Smooth and silky hair makes it more attractive and it can attract more people wherever they go.

Keratin application

A method that is used a lot in hair straightening is the application of keratin because it is a naturally-occurring protein, which is referred to as a treatment for keratin hair straightening. The excellent thing about this treatment is its effectiveness. In addition, it is worth knowing that no sprays, gels, etc. are used in keratin process so no need to worry about harmful compounds that may be bad for your hair.

Excessive dryness

This is a common side effect of hair straightening and using a dryer makes it even worse. Hair will lose its natural moisture to a great degree so it will start to look dull ang frizzy as soon as you step out of the house. Since hot iron was used on your continuously, your hair may have gotten dehydrated which is why your scalp became parched and dry. You need to make sure that the person does not apply the chemicals onto the roots directly. It is encouraged that chemicals have to be applied after 1 centimeter from the roots. These chemicals will weaken hair if they are on the roots and this is why hair gets dehydrated. If you initially have dry hair, the condition will only get worse.

Scalp gets itchy

Since there is a certain chemical used to straighten hair, sometimes it can cause itchy scalp and dandruff issue as well. Moreover, the scalp’s natural oil will react with dandruff which can cause infection. There are women who also experienced fungal infection in this section and then it gets worse later on. If this is the case, a doctor’s help is needed.

Hair fall

Another side effect of hair straightening is a bad case of hair fall. A lot of people who got their hairs straightened have gone through the same thing. Using low quality chemicals and wrong technique of using a hair straightening iron causes the hair to break from the roots. After a long time, the follicles of the hair become weak and there is a continuation of hair fall.

The original texture is damaged

When you have chosen to have permanent straight hair, your hair is not the original one anymore. The hot iron process can totally transform your tresses. It straightens your hair, but your hair’s original texture is lost. If you fail to maintain it properly, it can look bad.

The permanent hair straightening salon rockville is worth going to if you are already decided even after knowing the effects it will have on your hair.

What are the properties of micro-link extensions?

Hair is very personal matter and people are giving more importance to it as it has much do with the personality, appearance and attractiveness of a person.  In this article I am going to give a brief account of the properties of micro link hair extensions. Different type of hair styles, different processes like hair straightening, hair curling and different types of hair dying process are ample proof for the importance of hair given by human beings.

All you need to know about micro link hair extensions

As a person ages his hair starts falling. Falling of hair is caused by hereditary factors. It is also caused as a result of aging.  Normal age at which hair falling starts is around 40-45 years. But in some cases it may start at an early date like around 20 years and it may not happen in some cases even till the age of 50-55. There are so many medicines and ointments spreading in the market claiming that they are the perfect solutions to hair loss problem. There are also other solutions like wigs, hair extension, hair transplantation etc.

In hair transplantation new hair from donor area are harvested and planted in the recipient area where baldness has started affecting. This has been considered as a very successful method as this method helps new hair to be transplanted and the start growing after a few months and acts as if it were originally grown there. As hair transplantation is very costly it is not possible for using it as a mass method. Hair extensions are the most common cure for hair loss problems used by women all around the world.

In hair weaving artificial as well as human hair is used. This method alters the appearance of a person by adding additional hair to the natural hair. In this method natural hair of a person is covered with synthetic or natural hair giving it volume and length.

What are micro link hair extensions?

Micro link hair extensions are also known by other names like micro bead   hair extensions and micro-loop hair extensions. In this method natural hair is looped with either synthetic hair or natural hair obtained from other persons. Then it is clamped with a special tool/ clamp and metal bead and heat.  They are then placed on small sections of natural hair. They are then tightened with a special tool/clamp. This method is sometimes damaging as the heat from the metal ring can burn the hair and result in breakage. This method takes around three hours for completion.

Hair so weaved can be washed in a similar way you wash your real hair. This hair can be subjected to hair styling products that you are using regularly. Re-positioning will be needed after every 2-3 months as the natural hair is growing over the micro-beads making them move away from their original positions. Due to various reasons related to factors like heat, the bead, and the clamp tool etc, micro-link fusion is a very damaging process.

Similar to fusion extensions micro-link extensions also lasts for a maximum period of six months only. One needs to do re-positioning in some hair extensions salon rockville as the growing hair can result in the moving away of the beads from its original position.