Tips for Choosing a Wedding Caterer

Your wedding day is something you will remember over and over again. There was a perfect setting, beautiful romance, and of course the excellent food.  The table and chair rentals for wedding is sometimes provided by the caterer but you 1st have to consider the quality of the food they offer and the selections they have available that will go perfectly with everything else.

The wedding caterer’s main purpose is to make your vision into a reality on the day that you will remember your entire life, especially if your guests enjoyed it too. Your wedding is an experience where you demand perfection in all aspects so you need to choose a caterer who can fulfill your needs.

Picking a wedding caterer

The caterer’s availability

When you already have a venue booked, you should find a caterer soon after that. It is recommended that you book the caterer 9 months before the big day. A lot of venues can provide you a list of their preferred suppliers so talking to them would help you a lot and if possible, get a sample menu so you can get started on choosing which type of food you want at your wedding.

Your budget

Try to familiarize yourself with how much wedding caterers are charging. Ask about the package you like, and then find out the options they have that meets your budget. Talking to the caterer is the only way to know about their flexibility. Find out if they can make alterations and tweaks on the menu to meet your needs and budget. You should also consider what are included in the package because this can vary depending on the company. Ask the caterer if the quote they gave you already includes VAT because you really do not want to get shocked if this gets overlooked.

Food quality

When you are picking a caterer, you need to look for great presentation and sensational taste. Ask the caterer if they can show you a portfolio of their food and presentation with pictures. Your caterer needs to have commercial facilities, professional and talented staff that can serve your guests during the reception. When meeting with the caterer, it is advised that you ask them about the sustainability and quality of the products they use. By creating seasonal menus, there will be a high impact on your meal’s taste and quality.

Get several proposals

Getting multiple proposals from different companies gives you an opportunity to do a comparison and contrast of the menu options, service, and cost. You also need to ask for specifics. It is your responsibility to tell caterers the number of guests you are expecting and the style of affair you want, but it is up to them to propose how many appetizers, waiters, courses, coordinators, bartenders and chefs they can offer. This is an important number if you are comparing the proposals you got because you do not want any of your guests to wait long for their drink or food.

Another thing to consider when looking at proposals is alcohol. Review how much their alcohol is so you can decide if you should look elsewhere for bar supplies. A lot of catering companies will let you buy the alcohol separately, and they can still provide the bartender. Remember that in some states, you might have to obtain a temporary liquor license if you choose this route.

Trust in wedding rental company

This plays a big part in choosing the wedding caterer. It is important that the caterer gets to know you before working with you. If they like to meet you one-on-one and talk about your ideas and visions, then that is a good sign. Some caterers love being adventurous and feel that it is important that the menu is created together with the client to make sure it will reflect the theme and style of their wedding day. When you are able to trust your caterer, you have more confidence in them to not fail you on your wedding day.

After you are done choosing a caterer, it is important that the wedding rentals Virginia you will pick goes well with everything else, especially the food.

Dance Floor Rentals – The Right Kind of Dance Floor Matters

You already have the cake, caterer, flowers, and right tent. Yet, have you thought of the dancing thing in your wedding or other event? Whether you’re having your corporate event or wedding outside or inside, dance floor rentals are the best way of providing comfortable and safe dancing for you and all of your guests that you will not need to worry about.

All you need to know about dance floor rentals

Majority of the party rental companies have several choices both in the type and size of dance floor. Usually, the dance floors are rented in the modular sections, so you may put as many pieces as you need in regardless of the configuration works for your space. The edging is also placed around the floor’s outside for easy movement off and on. To make the best experience for party guests, there are some things you must consider when choosing a dance floor and these include the number of guests, height of the ceilings, where DJ or band is located, how significant dancing is, capacity of the party room, and kind of lighting you have.

Type of Dance Floor Rentals You Need

There are countless kinds of dance floors available. The kind that you pick must depend on the function, style, and purpose of the event. You also have to keep your budget in mind. On the other end, consider renting illuminated dance floor, which is lighted to offer a high-end feeling at any event. Marble dance floor is another costly option. It may offer your event an elegant touch. With the different options you can find in the market, consider making a whole new experience with lighting on your chosen dance floor. You may project patterns, shapes, and your monogram to make a great atmosphere for any kinds of dance.

Size of Dance Floor

Huge isn’t always better in terms of dance floors. Majority of guests do not want to feel like they’re the only ones on the dance floor as well as the spotlight’s on them. This is the reason why it is essential to consider the number of the guest that might opt to do a bit jig during the event. The golden rule is determining about thirty percent of the guests you will have on the dance floor. Once you have determined it, you will be able to know the best stage and dance floor rockland county suited for your needs.