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What education is needed to become a lawyer?

All attorneys need to go through some substantial amount of education and training before practicing law. More over any person, who aspires to be a lawyer should be bright, determined and should give a certain amount of dedication to education and learning before they become capable enough to get their place in the courtroom. So it finally takes us to the question what kind of aptitude and training is required before enrolling in a course which provides education for lawyers.


Aptitude of an individual comprises of his inner talents and abilities. Level of aptitude varies  from person to person. For any kind of job, some aptitude and skills related to that particular job need to exist within that individual. For example, person working as an accountant should have an aptitude for math to thrive in that particular job. Let’s now take a closer look at the kind of skills is needed before deciding to go for lawyer education.


In this particular job, a lot of writing and briefing is to be done. The most part of a lawyer’s profession will be spent on writing persuasive arguments, explanations and points. So it is understood that a person with proficiency in writing will be able to do a lawyer’s job more capably.


Public speaking abilities should be strong for any lawyer. The lawyer should be able to present brilliant oral arguments, speeches and explanations for their clients.  He should be capable of defeating the arguments of the opponent’s lawyer instantaneously.


As one might imagine  a lot of researching needs to be done in this profession. Right from studying the case to, understanding all the laws related to it and going through the history of things and studying each and every aspect of the case. Researching plays a great part in a lawyer’s profession.


This is a test which every student who wishes to get admission to law graduation courses will have to pass.  There are so many books and online courses available for aspirants of legal attorney profession.

Part time learning

As many students work part time to find some means to complete their lawyer education, many of the law schools offer part time or night classes which will enable the students to make a living while they are undergoing education for lawyers.

Course duration

Most full time lawyer courses extend to a period of 3 years. Within these 3 years, every student will be learning how to write legal notes, learn constitutional regulations and its associated contracts. During the later stages, the students also get an opportunity to take practice trials while still undergoing the course which provides education for lawyers.

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