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Most Common Lies Men Tell In Relationships

They say “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.” Both planets have opposite spin rotation and this makes them complicated towards one another. This creates relationship issues.

Relationship issue

Let’s talk about the two genders: males and females. In relationships, many men are not straightforward because deep down they are scared.

The following article will explain the common lies men tell in relationships.

Honey! It’s okay

Well…it certainly is not okay. Although not applicable in all situations, in most of situations, men try to avoid the situation by saying “everything is okay”

I don’t want to talk about it

This is one of the easiest ways to evade any situation – hence men use it in lying in relationships. Suppose there has been an issue, maybe you caught him with his cheating partner and now you demand an explanation.

He is playing a safe card, assuring you she’s nothing and saying stuff like he doesn’t want to talk about it.

I don’t talk with other girls

Oh please…What is he, a monk? He doesn’t have other girls inside his classroom or his workplace? He doesn’t even say “hi, how are you” – what type of a person is he?

Remember ladies, when he is trying to trick you by making you feel special, he may use this catchy phrase.

I am single

Sadly, even married men are reported to use this lie in their relationships to get more girls. You know what they say “Men will be men”

When lying in relationships, they will play the single card to get more attention and gain more opportunities.

I will miss you

Well, if he just thinks you are a sex object, it is highly likely that your “missing memories” will be replaced by someone else.

Men know that women like to hear the stuff in which it feels like the other person is caring about them. They know about the trump weakness of most girls. Therefore, they try to become manipulative and use such cheesy phrases

You are the only girl I think about

This is a very special line. But sadly, it is misused all over the world. In order to get you into bed, he may say stuff like: he only thinks about you or cares about you. But what if, he is a playboy and he has used this line over all his girlfriends?

Try to look from a broader angle. It is only fair that you get cautioned from the actions of your man.

NOTE: Five fingers are not equal. The above article is a generalized article written with the intention to make females cautious about the actions of their men.

It is only fair that you adopt a logical attitude. However, some men are naturally unexpressive and they really can’t talk about anything.

Being in a relationship, the ideal goal is to build yourself through challenges and try to develop the challenges you two want to see in each other. The best way to make any connection is through communication. Don’t be afraid. Talk with them about how you are lucky to have them in your life and how you see the world.

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