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Handmade Vs Machine Made Rugs

Rugs are available in many different varieties, some being handmade, machine made, or knotted. Here is everything you need to know about machine made rugs and handmade rugs.

Handmade Rugs

Making Them Is A Time-Consuming Process

You might have heard that handmade rugs can take a lot of time to make. Even a simple 1×1 foot rug can take a good month to be completed by hand. This is a very slow process and the craftsmanship involved in the making of the rug is exemplary. If you want a larger rug, then you will need to play an even longer waiting game. Some oriental rugs which are handcrafted to perfection can take up to a full year to complete. This is a very tedious job, but some people are just great at what they do.

The Intricacy Is At Its Best

Handmade rugs are usually very intricately designed. You will need a careful eye to see all of the small designs and patterns which are woven into the rug. No two handmade rugs will ever be the same. These rugs are usually made from a technique called weave and tuck.

The strands of wool are weaved through the canvas and then the stray ends are tucked and frayed to give a complete look of the rug. This weaving technique is the most time-consuming part of rug making, but the good thing is that nothing is wasted in the making of these rugs.

They Are Durable

Handmade rugs are one of a kind and their design and intricacy are what keep them so popular among people. These are very strong articles of décor and these rugs are one of the few décor items which are made to last for years upon years. If you maintain a woolen rug properly, then you can expect the rug to last a good 50 to 60 years, without any sort of issues. This is a truly amazing span of something which is used very frequently throughout the house.

Machine Made Rugs

They Look More Modern

Machine made rugs are also very beautiful, but they are not made by hand. Instead, to fasten up the weaving process, machine made rugs are fed through machines called power looms. Power looms are basically machine operated weaving mechanisms, which can make a whole full-sized rug within an hour. The power looms are fed with multiple design options, so you have a ton of variety. You can go for a Persian or oriental design, or you can explore the designs of modern rugs too. This is a great way to speed up the process of rug making.

They Last A Decent Amount Of Time

Most people would say that machine made rugs are not very long-lasting. Although they are not as exemplary in longevity as handmade rugs are, they can also last up to a good 20 to 25 years. These rugs are great for people who don’t want to spend too much money, but they still want a good and decent quality rug.

In comparison, machine made rugs are cheaper than handmade rugs. Since there is no craftsmanship involved in machine rug making, the cost is cut quite a lot, whereas, in handmade rugs, craftsmanship is the real money maker.

It Is A Huge Industry

Machine made rugs, ever since being introduced, have flourished into a whole industry, providing a lot of labor and employment opportunities for workers. Where handmade rugs are a one-man job, machine made rugs are made by an entire team and it is a whole network of people behind one rug. It is a great way to urbanize the world and give people a sense of industrialization. This is also a great big-scale industry, where people are making the most out of the making and selling of these rugs.


There you have it! Now you know the difference between machine made and handmade rugs, so you can easily decide which one you want to go for. If you want to buy antique rugs, traditional rugs, or Persian rugs, then they are handmade rugs. Most modern rugs are machine made. If you visit reputed Persian rug stores Northern VA, you may find both types of rugs in diferent materials like wool, silk, cotton, etc.

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