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Everything About Harbor Cranes You Should Know

Harbor cranes as the term suggests are cranes that are found and installed at harbors that help load and unload cargo from the vessels to the freight destination. Crane for rent companies have different types, shapes, sizes, and features of harbor cranes depending. Since they are mostly used for the transportation industry, there are several benefits and uses of harbor cranes. Let’s discuss!

What Are the Uses of Harbor Cranes?


Harbor cranes are designed to load and unload almost all types of containers. The transportation industry uses all types of containers and it is important that the harbor cranes are able to easily and safely lift and shift them.

General Cargo

Another noteworthy use of harbor cranes is that they can handle general cargo as well. These cranes are versatile and flexible enough to load and shift cargo ranging from boxes and pallet cargo to steel products such as coils, slabs, and plates. Furthermore, harbor cranes are designed to be efficient and feature high working speeds.

However, they can be equally dangerous as well. This means that the operator needs to be cautious and follow the safety protocols instead of hurrying the process and putting the lives of many at risk on the ground.

Project Cargo

In addition to the containers and general cargo, harbor cranes can lift extremely heavy and bulky project cargo with extreme safety and precision. Two harbor cranes combined can lift project cargo weighing up to 200 to 400 tons.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Harbor Cranes?

Harbor cranes have witnessed continuous technological advancements since their introduction. Back in the day, neither could harbor cranes lift extremely heavy loads nor were they energy efficient. However, with increasing energy prices all over the world, it has become necessary for the manufacturers to come up with harbor cranes that consume as minimum energy as possible.

That said, harbor cranes have not only become more energy efficient but the improvement in design makes the lifting and shifting process a lot safer.

Is The Carrying Capacity Of Harbor Cranes Important?

The carrying capacity of harbor cranes is perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing or renting a machine. The carrying capacity allows the contractors and operators to safely lift and shift the loads without putting the entire loading and unloading area at risk. That said, when it comes to using harbor cranes to lift and shift heavy loads, it is important to know the carrying capacity of the crane to ensure maximum safety and protection.

Do Harbor Cranes Require Licensed Operators To Run?

Yes, almost every type of crane out there regardless of its size and type requires a licensed operator to run. In fact, some countries have strict regulations regarding the use of cranes. Operators have to pass several training courses and certifications before they can be allowed to operate a crane.

These courses may vary depending on the type of crane one intends to operate. If the cranes are run without licensed operators, the contractors may run into a serious legal situation if an accident takes place.

Do Harbor Cranes Require Maintenance?

The only way to ensure harbor cranes or any other type runs without any complications and for a long period of time is by offering maintenance. Then again, some countries have local bodies that overlook the maintenance of the cranes. It is the only factor that stands between safety and accidents.

Harbor cranes like other types load and shift extremely heavy weights that can take a toll on their structural health. As a result, cracks, damages, and leakages are bound to take place. That said, it is important that contractors and operators perform a general inspection of the crane before operating it to reduce the chances of accidents.

In addition to that, in some countries, local safety authorities also visit the site for inspection and impose heavy fines if the cranes are found to be misused.


Harbor cranes work round the clock to shift loads from ships to the docks. To pick the right type, the type, size, and weight of the loads need to be defined and considered to ensure safety and smooth operation at all times. Connect with crane services VA to view different types of cranes and select the right ones for your project.

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