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Different furnaces that you can choose from

Are you therefore about to select a furnace for your home? What factors should you take into account while selecting a furnace? If this is your first time purchasing a furnace, be aware that there are several duties associated with furnace ownership. For instance, you’ll have to contact HVAC companies for¬†assistance and maintenance every few months. Consider purchasing furnaces if you are prepared to assume the burden.

Selecting the ideal furnace

However, how do I pick a furnace? Furnace purchases may be difficult and perplexing for novice buyers. But don’t worry; we’ll explain how this procedure works to you. We won’t go into great depth, but we will offer you enough details to get going.

Of course, you may ask your furnace repair firm for more advice. Let’s now talk about the factors you need to think about. These consist of:

Comparing single stage and two stage furnaces

It’s crucial to keep in mind the variations between single stage and two stage units while looking for new furnaces. Simply explained, single stage units provide the same heat and heat no matter how long they are in operation. On the contrary hand, 2-stage systems let you adjust the output temperature in two different ways.

Additionally, single phase units always operate at maximum efficiency. This is independent of the environment and the weather. Two stage units, however, operate at a relatively low capacity. A large capacity will be automatically switched to if the small capacity is not needed.

Therefore, in the case of a two-stage heat furnace, you have the option of sticking with a single heat setting or choosing two heat settings.

Most experts agree that heat furnaces typically have an efficiency rating of above 80%. The efficiency of two-stage furnaces, in contrast, may reach up to 98.5 percent. In fact, the furnace will use less energy the better its efficiency.

Fixed speed and varying speed

The furnace’s speed is the subsequent factor. You should think about whether you should choose a fixed blower or a variable blower. Both of these kinds employ a motorized fan. Through the ducts, this fan expels warm air. Additionally, the blower disperses this air outside the HVAC unit at the same moment.

The variable blower, as its name suggests, enables you to modify the hot air’s speed. The fixed fan does not provide anything comparable.

Variable blowers also initially operate by default on the lowest setting, as is the case with two stage burners. The velocity of this fan may, however, be increased by raising the speed.

If you want to increase energy efficiency, enhance air quality, and experience reduced noise pollution when using the unit, it’s crucial to use a variable speed blower. Due to this, fixed speed furnaces are less common than variable blowers in the heating industry.

Fuel source

Last but not least, the sort of fuel that the heat furnace uses is also quite significant. You see, those furnaces can run on either oil or electricity. A residence can be heated by any of the three. The one you feel most at ease with should be chosen.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact a good maintenance and repair service today to get an inspection of your furnace. You can also ask for installation and further guidance about the type of furnace that you should install in your house.

We believe you now have a fundamental understanding of how to purchase a heat furnace. You should focus on the three elements listed above while making a purchase. Additionally, get in touch with furnace services Falls Church immediately if you suspect that your furnace could be problematic.

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