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Can Water Ruin Granite Countertops

The maintenance of granite countertops is what makes people wary of buying them. It needs to be sealed, polished, and taken care of properly, otherwise, it will be a waste of good money. Here is everything you need to know about the effect of water and moisture on granite countertops.

Granite Absorbs Water

Granite is a natural stone. It is a porous stone by nature, so it acts like a sponge. If you put liquid or water on the surface of granite you will see how quickly the stone absorbs the water. This is why it is advised to seal granite countertops if you want to use them in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a place where you will be using a ton of water, you need to protect your countertops by sealing them. Sealing your granite countertops will make the stone waterproof and you won’t need to worry about water seeping through the material.

Stains Are A Nightmare

Water doesn’t damage the countertop immediately, but it does stain the material in the place where the water is absorbed in the surface of the granite. This stain can be very hard to remove and it looks very unpleasant. The selling factor of granite is its beauty and if it is stained with horrendous water stains, then it doesn’t look as beautiful and it loses its appeal for good. So, in a way, water does ruin the look of granite and it also ruins the natural stone from the inside if too much water seeps in.

Water Can Weaken The Stone

If your countertops are exposed to water on a regular basis, then they will absorb a lot more water than usual. This water goes into the stone and weakens the foundation from the inside. It creates molds and fungus and these things can produce internal cracks in the stone. From here, the stone will be weakened over time and it will crack from the top too. This will ruin the stone and there is no choice left but to replace the countertop with a new one.

Sealing Is Key

If you don’t want your granite countertops to be ruined due to water, because let’s be real; granite countertops cost a fortune and the last thing you want is for them to get damaged by something so seemingly harmless as water. This is why you need to take the extra step and seal granite countertops.

Sealing will fill up the pores with a waterproof varnish, which won’t only protect the countertops from getting water inside, but will also give a nice shiny look to the countertop as well. Sealing will make your countertops last longer and you can easily work on these countertops without the worry of water damaging them.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Water stains can be a nightmare to remove from granite countertops and you might be very tempted to use a chemical countertop cleaner to wipe away the stain, but it’s better if you don’t go through with it. Chemical cleaners contain a lot of harsh things like acids and other very reactive substances which can readily react with granite and cause it to become even more brittle and weak.

If the cleaner comes in contact with granite and you see a fizzing reaction on the surface, this means that the acid is reacting with the stone and it is essentially eating the stone from the outside and penetrating deeper.

How To Clean Stains Without Damaging The Countertop?

If you want to get rid of the water stains on the surface of granite, then you can do so with a simple homemade cleaner. All you need is lukewarm water and some dishwashing soap. Mix the two together and apply this mixture to the countertop. Then, get a clean and wet washcloth and wipe away the cleaner. The stains will be removed almost instantly and you’ll be left with a clean countertop.


There you have it! Water doesn’t necessarily ruin granite or damage it, but it can stain it over time and the stains are hard to remove. To keep your granite countertops stain-free and crack-free, make sure to take care of them and when getting new countertops, choose a reputable granite company Durham NC.

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