7 Ways To Stop Drain Problems

Sewer cleaning services are actively working to provide you with the best services for your drainage problems. Drainage issues happen very often due to the ignorance of the people and the minimal attention they give to sewers and drains.

Tips to prevent drain clogging

Here are some preventions for the drain problems

Using a Drain Strainer

Most common issues reported by drain cleaning services about the clogging of drains in kitchen pipes are the food and solid waste. These solid wastes along with oils and fats get stuck in the pipes, preventing things water to pass through. You can prevent this by simply buying a drain strainer. This will catch all the solid waste that is too big for the drain pipes and potentially cause clogging to be caught up in it. You can take it out and throw the waste in your garbage. This is also applicable in your bathroom showers and sinks to catch up the hair, soap, and foam.

Using Hot Water in the Sink After Usage

This is more inclined on the kitchen sinks. Pouring hot water down the drain can help prevent most of the clogging substances to be removed. Hot water helps oils and food products to run down the drain, taking them with it. This is the most basic method of preventing congested pipes.

Don’t Let the Mainline Be Blocked

You wouldn’t want the water main line to get drain clogging. It usually starts to clog every year or two. If you are experiencing it on a more frequent basis, you should call a sewer cleaning service. They will inspect what the issue is with all the clogging and send a camera down for a visual inspection. Usually, there are tree roots that get inside of the water line and cause the clog. Sometimes it’s the broken pipes or pipes that are corroding resulting in dirty water.

Use Lint Traps for Drainage of Washing Machines

Washing machines drain all the water it uses. That drained water contains fabric pieces, lint, dead skin, skin tissues and all sorts of stuff that can go down the drain to clog it. Putting a mesh lint trap around the drain will prevent most of the stuff to stop at that trap. You can alternate it with a nylon stocking, and it would work the same way. Just keep a good eye on the lint trap and empty it when it is full.

Prevent Hair from Going in the Drain

It is better to guard your bathroom sinks with strainers and clear them out regularly, but it is better to have precautionary measures to prevent excessive hair to go down the drain or even get stuck in the strainer. Brushing your hair just before a shower will have most of the dead hair to come off and get trapped in the brush. This way you can dispose of them in the trash where they belong rather than getting clogged in your drains. Even if hair goes down the drain regardless of that, it will reduce that amount by a good proportion.

Store the Oils and Greasy Stuff

Food oils and greasy stuff gets in the drain when it’s hot. When it cools down, it is an absolute worst of the clogging source. Sewer cleaning services describe it as the worst thing you can pour down your drain. Grease should be stored in a separate tin or a jar to be thrown away in the trash. Sometimes oils aren’t that bad and can be reused. So, keep another jar to store that reusable oils.

Don’t Flush Random Stuff Down the Toilet.

Toilets are made to handle human wastage and only that. Sometimes they get clogged by that which has to be unclogged using a plunger. Flushing random dense and bulky things down the toilet can cause a major clog in the toilet and trust me, you don’t want that. Toilet clog is the absolute worse and if something of the sort happens, calling a drain cleaning service is the best bet in your favor.

Prevention of these clogs can save you a lot of trouble from drain clogging and the money to hire professional drain cleaning services westchester ny.

Important tips to keep a fridge working for long time without any problems

It is a nightmare for a homeowner to see spoiled milk, warm food and dripping water when he opens his fridge. Often people do not realize that their fridge is about to undergo a fatal breakdown till the last moment. If one is aware before hand of this possible mishap, there are often some solutions and techniques which will be helpful to him. By applying them at the right time one can escape from heavy expenses involved when the repairing is done with the help of refrigerators repair services. So in this article I am going to explain some of these issues.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

Most of us do not have to think twice to decide the place where the fridge in a house is to be placed. Already all of us would have fixed a place for it in our kitchen. This place is usually a handy nook.         Actually this may not be the most suitable place for a fridge in your house. Heat can make motor and the compressor work hard leading to shortened life span. So it is better to go for a location which has the following peculiarities.

  • Not near ovens
  • Where direct sunlight does not fall
  • Where no heat vents are passing

If you cannot find a suitable place satisfying the above conditions you can also keep the fridge away from these potential problems just by keeping an insulated board between the fridge and the oven or hot surrounding.      If you have a second fridge in your house try to keep them not in the back porch or courtyard as is usually done. It is better to keep it in a climate controlled place.

Things to know about refrigerator maintenance

The cooling coils are located at the back of the fridge. They are really a vital part which cannot work efficiently and properly if they are covered by dirt or dust. This can affect the working of the compressor and shorten the life span of the fridge. The solution for this problem is very simple.  Pull the fridge outside the house once in every couple of months and vacuum clean it                                       and apply the upholstery brush also. If you are living in a dusty environment or if you are having pets, it will be better if you can carry out this cleaning process once in every month.

Keep the top of the fridge clear from everything

Most often people use the top of the fridge as a storage place. The top of the fridge will always be very hot as the heat produced by the running motor and the fan is dissipated there. By keeping different things on top of the fridge one is preventing the heat form properly spreading out to the surroundings. So always clear if anything is placed on top of the fridge.

Scrub door gaskets

Most people do not take care to clean the refrigerator problems door gaskets and this leads to get things like grime, food etc  stuck inside it. This results in improper sealing of the door and leakage of air and overworking of the fridge to maintain its temperature. It will be good if you can wipe out gaskets at least once in a month. Scrub them using a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.   When the gasket gets torn replace it immediately.

Fill the fridge

Filling the fridge is an important matter as the overfilling makes the fridge to work harder. But empty fridge will also have to work hard to keep all the empty space under correct temperature. The following can help one to keep the fridge in an optimum level of filling.

  • Do not block the fans inside the fridge by directly placing objects below it.
  • Leave some space between each item in a fridge, say one or two inches. Do not stack everything on top of another till the top level of the compartment.
  • Jugs of water can be placed to fill the empty space. In freezer leave a few inches above the jug so that water in the jug can expand without any problem when they are converted to ice.

Defrost when necessary

Modern refrigerators do not frost which indicates that they do not need defrosting.  When items are not stored correctly frost builds up causing the motor to work hard. So it is necessary to defrost a fridge regularly. To avoid frosting let food be placed into the refrigerator only when they are cooled to room temperature.

Following these tips carefully can help to keep the technicians like commercial freezer repairs Falls Church away from your house for long time.

Watch Out for These Red Flags When Looking for HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors are the equivalent of surgeons for your house, and just like in looking for a surgeon, it is a must to filter out the good ones from the bad ones. You will need a contractor you can trust. However, with the hundreds and thousands of contractors out there who run their ads and put their company details online, how will you go about in identifying the best one for your needs? Below are some of the red flags you have to watch out for when hiring a contractor for your HVAC requirements.

Know about furnace repair requirements

While it sounds convenient to get estimates over the phone, there is a high chance that these will be inaccurate. Your house has likely gone through some weatherization improvements since your last unit was installed, and possibly has some other unique features which cannot be easily understood or explained over the phone. The physical space which will be holding the new unit should be evaluated. The ductwork could have degraded or suffered some other issues. Accurate sizing calculations must be performed. The only way that a contractor can give proper estimate is through personally visiting your house.

Low-ball prices might seem like good deals, but these are usually misleading. The professional technicians don’t just earn their hourly wage as companies should also figure in the price of gas for their service vehicles, the administrative office’s overhead expenses, and other similar expenses like on-going training for technicians. Compare the disbelievingly low price against these expenses of the company, and decide if you will really get the kind of service they advertise.

Contact furnace repair technicians

While rules of thumb are great for estimation, these might not be good for final decisions on the specific equipment your house needs. When a contractor tries selling you a furnace replacement Tysons Corner VA job according to the rule of 400 square feet per ton, or based on your previous unit’s size, this should instantly send up a red flag. A truly reliable contractor will insist first on doing a load calculation with the use of the standard protocol in the industry to identify the right size of the system you will need. Such calculations are important for energy savings and proper sizing purposes. Not all the time do you need to stick with rules as different factors and variables can affect the final decision.

What are the parts of an air cooler?

Air cooler is device used to cool the air inside a room or a building. They are also used for dissipating heat from furnaces, machineries etc.  If you are using an air cooler in your home, it is better you have some basic idea about its various components so that you can carry out simple DIY activities and avoid the dependency upon technicians like the refrigerators repair services.

Know about commercial refrigerator maintenance

They may be surface, trickle or a combination of both. In surface air coolers, it reduces the air temperature by heat transfer through finned or tubular surfaces that are washed by coolants like ammonia or secondary refrigerants.  In rotary air coolers heat is dissipated periodically to cooled sheets, grids, porcelain rings etc.   In trickle coolers   water or brine is sprayed from atomisers to cool the air.

Air coolers used in homes are appliances used to cool the air inside a room with the help of water. Humidity in rooms is reduced by air conditioners. But as other areas are dry air conditioners often result in making the situation worse. But as air coolers do not reduce the humidity, it allows the home owner to reduce the temperature without affecting the humidity. In this appliance hot air touches the water and its heat gets transferred to the cold water. Some water evaporates allowing cool air to blow into the room.  Now let us consider the important components of an air cooler and try to understand the functions of each of these components in the operation an air cooler.

On-site water source

Water is the coolant for air coolers. So availability of water on its site is unavoidable. In some homes there may not have on-site water sources.  In such cases it will be required to bring water to the site through some means like pipes or in vehicles. In some places bringing of water can become very expensive


The home air coolers have vents with fans that blow cooled air into the intended area. In moderate climates when the temperature is not very hot, one needs to use the vent only.  In such situations the   air cooler becomes a simple fan that blows air to the occupants to cool them. When working only in vent mode, much energy is not needed and it can help the owner in saving some money towards the energy charges.

Cooler pads

Air coolers are provided with pads which can absorb water and permit maximum air to flow through them.  These pads are the main medium that allows the air to get cooled and thereby cool the entire home or intended area.   These pads are made of pliable aspen wood as well as special cellulose papers. There are synthetic versions of cooler pads which are found to last longer than the natural ones mentioned above. They also resist foul smellers and mildew as water which is the breeding place of these insects is absent in them.


Water distributors are provided in every air cooler that takes in water from the on-site source for distributing over the pads so that they often remain saturated. If not, the water will soon evaporate.  Pumps and motors are used to power the water flow through the distribution channels. If there is no water to be pumped, the pumps should shut off automatically.

Otherwise they will get overheated and damaged.  The motor used for the pump is either centrifugal or axial. Some of these motors have sealed lubricants where as others need yearly lubrication.  For people who prefer quiet motors it is better if they buy belt drive motors notwithstanding the fact that direct drive motors are more efficient and do not break down  periodically.

Hire commercial refrigerator repair technician

A regular air cooler often consumes around 100 watts only. Compared to the average power consumption of 75 watts for a ceiling fan, this not more and is affordable to any person.  Considering the fact that an average air conditioner of one tonne capacity consumes a whooping 3500 watts of power, one will understand that the reason for the ever increasing popularity of
air coolers these days compared to air conditioners. So, any person who tries to understand the basic principles and parts of an air cooler can easily make use of it to its fullest efficiency without spending much money toward its repairs and maintenances carried out by walk in cooler repair Vienna services.

How To Use Every Inch Of Your Small Kitchen

When it comes to your dream kitchen, you might have imagined a spacious open kitchen with quartz countertops. The thing is, not most of us get what we want. Same goes for the kitchen.

Choosing Quartz Countertops

Chances are you have a small one. No worries have a look at some ideas below to use every inch of your kitchen and still make it look big:

  1. Choose Light and Consistent Colors

So what if you don’t have a huge kitchen. You can still make it look huge by choosing the right colors. Light colors have always helped in giving the impression that there is enough space. The best color for kitchen is cream or bright white. If you are worried about getting stains, then you can also choose light blue, grey, yellow or green. Make sure the walls and cabinets doors have a consistent color.

  1. Go for Bright Lights

Lighting plays a big part in making or breaking the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small but you have a high ceiling, use a statement light shade. This will add to the beauty of your kitchen. On the other hand, if the ceiling of your kitchen is low, then the number of lights in the kitchen should be minimum. You don’t want to clutter the place with extra fittings.

  1. Use Open Shelves

When you have open shelves in the kitchen, it reduces the visual weight and creates an illusion that is so much space. If you want to keep it sleek, then go for floating shelves.

  1. Don’t Crowd the Countertops

Your quartz countertops should not be crowded with stuff. Place only the items that are necessary otherwise you will be hiding the beauty of the shelves, cabinets and counters. Even your granite installers would recommend you to place less-heavy objects on the counters.

  1. The Color of Walls and Cabinets Should Be Same

When the walls and the cabinets are of the same hue, this eliminates visual boundaries. It is an old school of thought that pale colors reflect light and make a room look bigger. That does not mean you can choose other colors. Whatever you do, make sure the walls and cabinets have the same color.

  1. Choose Elongated Patterns

Why not choose elongated patterns such as striped walls or geometric floors? These patterns draw the eyes lengthwise and create the illusion that the room is bigger. Changing the flooring is not a feasible option for everyone. In that case, you can place a pattern runner on the floor. It will create the same effect.

  1. Reduce the Storage

Sometimes the storage can obstruct the flow of the kitchen and make it look smaller than it actually us. It would be great if the pantry or cabinets are flushed within the wall.

  1. Buy Small Furnishing

Don’t overdo with furnishing in the kitchen. If you don’t have enough space, there is no need to fit in a huge dining table. The more furniture you add, the more it will eat away the floor space. It is not recommended to buy furniture with a thick base or chunky legs.  Choose slim chairs, narrow tables and stools. The less furniture you have, the bigger your kitchen will appear. However, don’t compromise on the furniture if you have other family members in the house too.

  1. Keep It Open

Another way of making a small kitchen look big is if you can remove the walls that connect it to another room. Lots of modern kitchens are now designed as an extension of the dining rooms. This gives you more space.

  1. Store the Appliances

If there is not enough space in the kitchen, then there is no need to display your kitchen appliances. Keep them stored in a place that is in your reach. You must make your quartz countertops look as less crowded as possible. It sure does make the kitchen look spacious.

Some homeowners like to add their personal touches to the kitchen. They surely make for a great display but they can make your kitchen look small. Although it is the job of a kitchen remodeler to help you organize your kitchen but you can also take suggestions from granite installers rockville md when it comes to making your kitchen look bigger.

How to Hire a Good Contractor for Home Improvement

It is not always necessary to hire an employee for a role, especially if it is a home improvement project that you have always wanted. Regardless if it is for a few weeks or a couple of months, hiring a home additions contractor could help make your home better.

In addition, there are contractors you can hire who are not part of the regular workforce. They are not employees and they are the head of their own business and it is also them who work on the project that organizations can hire for a specific time.

Tips for hiring the best home additions contractor

Hiring a contractor with a license is very important to your project’s success. A lot of states demand that contractors should have a license after they are able to meet certain requirements. Aside from licensure, a contractor needs to have a bond and insurance policy. When you are about to hire a contractor, make sure to check the license he has and the qualifications online or you can ask the construction department of your state. Ask you contractor for any proof of their license and verify the insurance they have. Make sure that the insurance coverage they have is enough for covering any damage to the property or injuries that might happen at the site.

Home improvement contractor 

Communication is important and you should be comfortable with your contractor. If you lack good communication with your contractor, you might encounter some failures in the long run. You have the option to work with someone who will constantly update you and tell you if there is a need to change any plans.


Remember that you are going to spend a lot of time with the contractor. This is why you must find a contractor who is responsive, friendly, ambitious, and hardworking. It should be someone who makes you feel comfortable working with them. In the process of interviewing the contractor, ask the right questions to make sure that you understand each other. See how the contractor answers your questions and if he demonstrates any rudeness and bad attitude. An ideal contractor should make you feel secured and comfortable when talking to him.

Their knowledge                   

If the contractor you are talking to has finished a lot of projects in the past, it will normally be obvious when you are talking. Ask detailed questions about the project because only those who have experience will be able to share proper information and should find it easy to explain how your needs will be met. Remember that having a license does not always mean they are the best because experience still sets someone apart from the rest who met the same requirements as him to obtain a license.


You should not rush to pick a contractor without making a proper observation. Give it enough time and compare about 3 contractors who you think can do the job. Make sure that you choose someone who has experience and skills needed for completing the job. To measure the skills of the contractor, you would have to see the projects he has done in the past.

Ask for a detailed estimate

The detailed estimate is the main resource you need to find out how much time and money the project will require. This is why you have to ask every contractor to give you an itemized/detailed estimation of everything before you decide. Ask the contractor to include labor cost, material cost, profit margin, timeline, other expenses, and payment terms available. Most of the time, they will ask for a 10% to 50% down payment followed by staggered payments due on specific dates or they could ask for the balance to be given only after the project is complete. This information will give you an idea of what to you must expect.

The home addition builder washington dc you will choose should be someone who is reliable and make sure to follow the tips given because spending money on home improvement is no joke. Having a good contractor is the main thing.

The Interesting History Of ACs And HVAC Units

The interesting history of ACs is way older than the HVAC companies. There was a time when people used to live without air conditioners and life was a bit difficult. People in the past were habitual to the weather conditions and had not enjoyed the cooling system we have now or had few decades ago. The history is almost a century old. In this post we will talk about how ACs were invented and their introduction for home cooling. The post also includes the first air conditioning companies that carried out this wonderful job and blessed us with modern-day air conditioners.

All you need to know about energy efficient air conditioning

  1. According to Energy Department, 48% of American energy is used in cooling and heating. This huge percentage shows how obsessed the world is with air conditioners. The acceptance of ACs led to development of more and more air conditioning companies who started making cheaper, affordable and lighter air conditioners for industrial purposes and homes. Let’s dig deep into this history of ACs and HVAC units.
  2. It was 1840 when a physician Dr. John Gorrie suggested that cities should utilize cooling system to help the residents beat extreme heat waves. The doctor also believed with a cooling system, diseases like malaria and other can be controlled. Furthermore, cooling will also help doctors prevent spreading of diseases and treat patients in better ways. But this was a nightmare for the health department to ship ice blocks from frozen lakes and streams to northern US.
  3. To deal with this expensive challenge, John Gorrie tried to experiment with his idea. His idea was to somehow develop artificial cooling for commercial and residential purposes. He designed a machine that created ice with power of a horse, water and wind-driven sails. He also got the patent on his name. However, he failed badly after his chief financial officer fell sick and could not provide funds for the project. But it was Gorrie who laid the foundation of modern-day artificial cooling though he himself could not launch his project in the market.
  4. The work on air conditioners or artificial cooling was stopped for years until another engineer came and he was tasked to deal with humidity issues. It was Willis Carrier who worked for Buffalo Forge Company in 1902 and worked on a system that was developed for controlling humidity. He was also granted for his idea and design. Sometime later, when he realized it could be a great project he decided to quit the company and founded his own Carrier Engineering Corporation with six other engineers.
  5. For the first time, engineers used artificial cooling to cool Missouri State Building in 1904. It was also the first time American public was exposed to air conditioner use and it was quite a comfortable cooling. The air conditioning saw a major breakthrough in 1920s when American flocked to see movies in cinemas and artificial cooling was used in cinemas to let people feel comfortable and enjoy movies of their stars on big screens.
  6. Carrier Engineering Corporation installed the first designed cooling system in 1922 at Metropolitan Theater in Los Angeles. The same year, the company introduced another air conditioner that used a centrifugal chiller which had moving parts and existing units. This idea was very helpful in making people have access to air conditioners throughout the country. With this type of air conditioners, the company also increased its sales by selling more air conditioners.
  7. Despite these concepts and designs, the air conditioners were still very heavy and expensive. People found it really hard to afford these cooling systems and keep inside their houses. There was a dire need that the design should be changed and air conditioning companies should come up with a better design and lighter air conditioners. Another attempt was made in 1929 when an engineer launched a radio cabinet like AC but it was till an expensive AC and was way too heavy.
  8. Engineer Henry Galson was the person who totally changed the design of air conditioners. His design was based on an affordable, cheaper and light AC that could be easily installed within houses. In 1947, the company sold over 320,000 units of these air conditioners and the rest is history. Now we have come a long way when it comes to the modern air conditioners. These are light, very cheap and consume less power than their predecessors.

We hope you enjoyed the history of air conditioners and ac repair companies Port Jefferson NY. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Pros And Cons Of Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has a long history. There are a good number of options when you want to prepare the roof of your building. However, there is some calculation that needs attention of everyone who wants slate roofing from a slate roofer. All the options need great care and considerations before going with anyone. For people who want a durable roof that lasts for decades and even a century, slate roofing is the best option.

What To Know About Slate Roofing?

If you ask a slate roofer about how things work, they may not guide you about every detail. But we will try to include all the necessary information about how things work in slate roofing. On the basis of this discussion, we will list all the possible pros and cons of slate roofing. Also, if you need a slate roof repair service for your house you may get one in your area as there are many such providers who will assist you in the most professional manners.

According to slate roofer and slate roofing repair specialists, slate roofing is somehow expensive but yet affordable. Let’s do the mathematics. On average, slate roofing costs $5 per sq.ft while in most cases the maximum cost may be $10 sq.ft. If you consider this price, it seems affordable in smaller roof with smaller areas. But here comes a drawback that we will discuss later.

Another aspect that should be considered before going with slate roofing by a slate roofer is the installation cost. You have here two options as well. First, get it done by a service provider and the 2nd is to get help from a slate roofing specialist. The cost of slate roofing installation is $12-$16 per sq.ft. A lot of people have shared that the slate roofers or service providers don’t perform the perfect installation and the best method is to try a slate roofing specialist. If you get it done right and in perfect manners, the life of your slate roofing increases by years.

Now let’s see what the benefits and drawbacks of slate roofing are:

Pros of Slate Roofing

  1. Slate roofing is a secure option. It protects against fire, water, storm and even the worst damages. Elements, weather and animals cannot damage slate roofing is done perfectly.
  2. The most common reasons most of the people go for slate roofing is reliability. A slate roof repair expert revealed that it may lost for 50 years, 30 years and even a century but all depends on how the work was done. For this reason, the perfect installation is inevitable and this is not something you can afford every two or three years for repairing.
  3. With slate roofing, your house looks pretty awesome. The natural look of stone and slate makes the roof give an amazing look. You can actually make it look even better.
  4. There are a good number of options available in slate roofing. If you know any slate roofer, they may provide you all the details regarding options and their cost for slate roofing.
  5. Last but not the least, slate roofing is a great option for commercial buildings. The owners of plazas, shops and commercials buildings may go with this option in order to add more years to the building life. Things are simple and with slate roofing, building is even securer and safer for use.

Cons of Slate Roofing

Obviously, everything has the negative and so does the slate roofing. Here is what are the drawbacks of slate roofing.

  1. Slate roofing is only good for heavy constructions. Always consider the amount of weight you are adding to the roof while preparing it. That’s why slate roofing is not for every home. And if you live in an area where snowing is rife, this is not an option for you at all.
  2. We have discussed the cost of slate roofing and apparently, it’s expensive for residential use. Its cost may not feel higher when it’s used for commercial buildings but everyone can’t afford it. The material and installation cost are very high.
  3. Slate roof repair greenwich ct is almost impossible. In case, the roof gets damage it will cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, the installation gets disturbed and may damage the whole setting of slate roofing.
  4. It’s really hard to find the replacement tiles in case any damage is done. Moreover, there is always a risk of poor or wrong installation of slate roofing when done from a slate roofer or slate roofing specialist.

Mortar Joints Repair

This is uncomplicated, but it should be done carefully, using the appropriate tools and materials to avoid brick damage and totally compromise the wall’s integrity and appearance. That means choosing the proper hand tools and there are lime mortars like the ones they used 100 years ago. You can try asking a masonry contractor about maintenance, but you should also know about it.

No matter how beautiful the brickwork is, a mortar was used to seal it, so they are held together. Therefore, when mortar begins to crack, fall out, and recede out of the joints, it is time to take a chisel and get rid of the old stuff, then use a trowel to spread the new one which is a process known as repointing.

Repairing mortar joints

Tools: chisel, heavy hammer, garden hose, safety goggles, sharp trowel, jointer, scrub brush

Materials: mortar, coloring for mortar, corrugated cardboard with matching colors

Rake out bad mortar joints

With a depth of about ¾ inches, scrape the horizontal joints. You can use a tipped grout saw, which works well on “butter joints” that are ¼ inch wide. If you are not trained to use motorized angle grinders, do not use them. There is a tendency that they will disfigure the brick if you make a mistake in using it.

Clean it                                 

You can use a scrub for the joints in the brick, but that takes lot of time energy and time. You can opt to rent a pressure washer because this one works as a strong jet of water to clean the brickwork right away.

Wash the wall

Use a scrub brush to whisk away all the crumbly debris, and then check if the blade of the trowel can fit inside the joint. If the blade’s width is too much, use an abrasive wheel to grind it. Wet the wall using water until bricks are all damp and begin to drip. This is important because dry materials are going to suck the new mortar’s moisture and keep it from properly curing. You would have to wait for 1 more day before filling out the joints.

Purchase the mortar mix

This process is also called repointing and sometimes you can buy a mortar mix that is specifically for this type of work at a store selling masonry supplies. If you do not find it there, purchase the mix with the highest quality. You will not regret spending more to get the best type of materials. Of course, you want the replenished mortar joints to last, and that is not possible if the mortar mix is poor quality.

How to apply the mixture

The product should be mixed according to what is written on the instructions that came with the package. Take the grout bag and fill it with mortar because by using this bag, you will have better accuracy and lesser mess compared to a trowel. Then, insert the grout bag’s tip into the 1st joint, while squeezing the mortar into the voids of the joint until everything is filled. Do not overfill the joint so that when you are going to strike the joint, the mortar is not unintendedly forced into the brick or block’s face.

Hiring mason

If you feel that the mortar is already dry enough to touch, brush with a diagonal stroke across the surface to get rid of any dry mortar crumbs. When you are done with this, use a sponge to remove any mortar residue off the bricks. In the next 3 days, use a tarp to cover it because the joints are still soft, and they need to be protected from the rain, wind, or sun. You also must mist the wall daily, so the moisture will be retained. There will be excess material that will drop away and others will need light scraping. If you need to scrape away the excess mortar, the jointing should be turned to its side before moving the tool from left to right. If you see a mortar on the face of the bricks, use the steel brush to remove the mortar before it is completely dry. Follow these steps to maintain the joints or call retaining wall contractors long island.

How To Dissolve Hair In Drain

As human beings and especially drain contractors we can agree upon one fact: we hate hair fall. Surprisingly, so do our drain pipes that have to bear with the residue every time we wash out hair (scary, right?).

Hiring drain contractors

As a result of the excessive hair inside the pipe, you might face the issue of your drain pipe clogging and not take water with speed, or take in the water at all! Instead of panicking and searching for a plumber there is a way for you to remove the hair quite easily from the clog without a drain contractor or harming the pipes. Here is how you can do so!

Wire Hanger

If you have a disposable wire hanger that you have no intention of deploying anywhere anymore, this may be the time to capitalize on it. Bend the wire hanger in the shape of a pirate hook, open the lid of the drain, and start pulling out as much of the blackish trash you see that seems to be annoying you.

This will help you clear most of the solid waste that is within the reach of your limited wire and will make it easy for you to carry on with the rest of the bathroom drain cleaning.

The Dream Duo: Baking Soda And Vinegar

This acidic formation can never be beaten as the universal home remedy for clearing up anything, and it is perfectly suitable in this case as well. What you can do is that after you are done fishing for the hair clogs you can simply pour a cup each of vinegar and baking soda gently down the drain and see the wonders it produces.

For bathroom drain cleaning purposes this combination is quite effective because:

  • You can use the bathroom almost immediately after the process;
  • There is no collateral damage involved.


Bathroom drain cleaning is a proper mission because if not done properly the drain can simply get back into the obstructed position because it was never cleaned thoroughly in the first place! This is essentially why after the hooking and the chemical treatment, you have to act like a proper drain contractor and seal the hole of the drain with as much duct tape as you can.

The significance is that it allows the vapors of the rigorous reactions going on underneath to stay, and the gaseous vapors make way to warm up the insides, resulting in the dirt sliding down.

The Hot Water

Once you take off the seal after around 10-15 minutes, your drain is perfect for usage – except for one problem. There might be some really stubborn hair that still decided to stay inside, and you can tack it by invoking the vapors of acid on this hair by simply pouring a pan or two of steaming hot water.

This is the final step that you need to take to ensure that the clog is perfectly dealt with. And alas, your bathroom drain cleaning ny service will have become a success you can cherish for the rest of your days to come!