Important tips to keep a fridge working for long time without any problems

It is a nightmare for a homeowner to see spoiled milk, warm food and dripping water when he opens his fridge. Often people do not realize that their fridge is about to undergo a fatal breakdown till the last moment. If one is aware before hand of this possible mishap, there are often some solutions and techniques which will be helpful to him. By applying them at the right time one can escape from heavy expenses involved when the repairing is done with the help of refrigerators repair services. So in this article I am going to explain some of these issues.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance tips

Most of us do not have to think twice to decide the place where the fridge in a house is to be placed. Already all of us would have fixed a place for it in our kitchen. This place is usually a handy nook.         Actually this may not be the most suitable place for a fridge in your house. Heat can make motor and the compressor work hard leading to shortened life span. So it is better to go for a location which has the following peculiarities.

  • Not near ovens
  • Where direct sunlight does not fall
  • Where no heat vents are passing

If you cannot find a suitable place satisfying the above conditions you can also keep the fridge away from these potential problems just by keeping an insulated board between the fridge and the oven or hot surrounding.      If you have a second fridge in your house try to keep them not in the back porch or courtyard as is usually done. It is better to keep it in a climate controlled place.

Things to know about refrigerator maintenance

The cooling coils are located at the back of the fridge. They are really a vital part which cannot work efficiently and properly if they are covered by dirt or dust. This can affect the working of the compressor and shorten the life span of the fridge. The solution for this problem is very simple.  Pull the fridge outside the house once in every couple of months and vacuum clean it                                       and apply the upholstery brush also. If you are living in a dusty environment or if you are having pets, it will be better if you can carry out this cleaning process once in every month.

Keep the top of the fridge clear from everything

Most often people use the top of the fridge as a storage place. The top of the fridge will always be very hot as the heat produced by the running motor and the fan is dissipated there. By keeping different things on top of the fridge one is preventing the heat form properly spreading out to the surroundings. So always clear if anything is placed on top of the fridge.

Scrub door gaskets

Most people do not take care to clean the refrigerator problems door gaskets and this leads to get things like grime, food etc  stuck inside it. This results in improper sealing of the door and leakage of air and overworking of the fridge to maintain its temperature. It will be good if you can wipe out gaskets at least once in a month. Scrub them using a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.   When the gasket gets torn replace it immediately.

Fill the fridge

Filling the fridge is an important matter as the overfilling makes the fridge to work harder. But empty fridge will also have to work hard to keep all the empty space under correct temperature. The following can help one to keep the fridge in an optimum level of filling.

  • Do not block the fans inside the fridge by directly placing objects below it.
  • Leave some space between each item in a fridge, say one or two inches. Do not stack everything on top of another till the top level of the compartment.
  • Jugs of water can be placed to fill the empty space. In freezer leave a few inches above the jug so that water in the jug can expand without any problem when they are converted to ice.

Defrost when necessary

Modern refrigerators do not frost which indicates that they do not need defrosting.  When items are not stored correctly frost builds up causing the motor to work hard. So it is necessary to defrost a fridge regularly. To avoid frosting let food be placed into the refrigerator only when they are cooled to room temperature.

Following these tips carefully can help to keep the technicians like commercial freezer repairs Falls Church away from your house for long time.

What are the parts of an air cooler?

Air cooler is device used to cool the air inside a room or a building. They are also used for dissipating heat from furnaces, machineries etc.  If you are using an air cooler in your home, it is better you have some basic idea about its various components so that you can carry out simple DIY activities and avoid the dependency upon technicians like the refrigerators repair services.

Know about commercial refrigerator maintenance

They may be surface, trickle or a combination of both. In surface air coolers, it reduces the air temperature by heat transfer through finned or tubular surfaces that are washed by coolants like ammonia or secondary refrigerants.  In rotary air coolers heat is dissipated periodically to cooled sheets, grids, porcelain rings etc.   In trickle coolers   water or brine is sprayed from atomisers to cool the air.

Air coolers used in homes are appliances used to cool the air inside a room with the help of water. Humidity in rooms is reduced by air conditioners. But as other areas are dry air conditioners often result in making the situation worse. But as air coolers do not reduce the humidity, it allows the home owner to reduce the temperature without affecting the humidity. In this appliance hot air touches the water and its heat gets transferred to the cold water. Some water evaporates allowing cool air to blow into the room.  Now let us consider the important components of an air cooler and try to understand the functions of each of these components in the operation an air cooler.

On-site water source

Water is the coolant for air coolers. So availability of water on its site is unavoidable. In some homes there may not have on-site water sources.  In such cases it will be required to bring water to the site through some means like pipes or in vehicles. In some places bringing of water can become very expensive


The home air coolers have vents with fans that blow cooled air into the intended area. In moderate climates when the temperature is not very hot, one needs to use the vent only.  In such situations the   air cooler becomes a simple fan that blows air to the occupants to cool them. When working only in vent mode, much energy is not needed and it can help the owner in saving some money towards the energy charges.

Cooler pads

Air coolers are provided with pads which can absorb water and permit maximum air to flow through them.  These pads are the main medium that allows the air to get cooled and thereby cool the entire home or intended area.   These pads are made of pliable aspen wood as well as special cellulose papers. There are synthetic versions of cooler pads which are found to last longer than the natural ones mentioned above. They also resist foul smellers and mildew as water which is the breeding place of these insects is absent in them.


Water distributors are provided in every air cooler that takes in water from the on-site source for distributing over the pads so that they often remain saturated. If not, the water will soon evaporate.  Pumps and motors are used to power the water flow through the distribution channels. If there is no water to be pumped, the pumps should shut off automatically.

Otherwise they will get overheated and damaged.  The motor used for the pump is either centrifugal or axial. Some of these motors have sealed lubricants where as others need yearly lubrication.  For people who prefer quiet motors it is better if they buy belt drive motors notwithstanding the fact that direct drive motors are more efficient and do not break down  periodically.

Hire commercial refrigerator repair technician

A regular air cooler often consumes around 100 watts only. Compared to the average power consumption of 75 watts for a ceiling fan, this not more and is affordable to any person.  Considering the fact that an average air conditioner of one tonne capacity consumes a whooping 3500 watts of power, one will understand that the reason for the ever increasing popularity of
air coolers these days compared to air conditioners. So, any person who tries to understand the basic principles and parts of an air cooler can easily make use of it to its fullest efficiency without spending much money toward its repairs and maintenances carried out by walk in cooler repair Vienna services.