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How To Fix A Clogged Drain Or Sink With A Snake

If you are the victim of frequent kitchen sink clogging then you would have tried all the ways possible for unclogging. A clogged sink is menacing. You are stuck along with your sink as now you cannot use the sink for some time because of water coming up or complete blockage. Only drain contractors can now intervene and unclog the sink.

For a clogged sink you should first try the hot water, vinegar and baking soda method. You might have to do it twice to completely clear the clog. If this does not work then you may try the plunger and plunge forcefully so that the air friction created will release the clog down the drain. If all else fails then you should go the snake method.

What Is A Snake?

A snake or a drain auger is a tool which is around quarter inch thick and quite long and is coiled at one end and has a handle on one end. It is pushed through the drain till the snake reaches the point of the clog and pushes it further or you can also pull it up. It is quite long so it is the perfect tool because it can reach deeper towards the stubborn clog. It is known as a snake because the make of the clog is slither and dye to the coils in the end. There are two kinds of snake, one is a manual drain auger and the other is an electrically operated drain snake.

How Does A Snake Work?

  1. First clear everything from the clogged kitchen sink.
  2. Slowly put your drain snake inside the drain. You will need to turn the handle as it goes deeper inside to allow space for curves and corners. You will need to apply a certain amount of pressure when the snake is going in the bend under the tap of the sink.
  3. Keep on clanking the handle till you reach the point of obstruction. You will feel a sort of stopping and pressure.
  4. This is when you have reached the area of the clog.
  5. Now you will need to rotate the handle and the drain auger. Doing this will release the pressure in the clog and will cause some of the clog to go down the drain. You will need to rotate it so the clog gets completely caught up in the coil.
  6. When the clog is tightly fixed in the coil, then slowly pull up the drain snake. This way all the clog and garbage or gunk will come up with the snake.
  7. You will need to run water in the sink to make sure that the whole clog has been washed down. Sometimes the clog will be pulled out attached with the snake and other times if the clog is small it will be washed down.

This was the working of a manual drain snake or auger, but in the case of an electrical drain auger, a snake is attached to the machine. The machine works on full pressure and then forcefully pulls up the clog. This works for even the thickest and biggest drain clogs because of the electrical pressure and you may either pull out the clog or force its way down the drain.

Avoid Clogging Your Sink

Once you have cleared up your sink and there is no clogging, then you need to take some precautions to avoid future clogging:

  • Use a strainer in the sink to catch small food particles and other things which may be the cause of clogging.
  • Never throw food debris or leftovers no matter how small down the sink as they may clump together and get stuck on the drain pipes.
  • Oil, butter and fats are a strict no for discarding in the kitchen sink as they get hardened up when cooled down and never completely make their way through the drain pipes.


The maintenance of your kitchen sink is very important and this can be done by monitoring what goes down the sink which should not or you will face regular clogging of your sink. And for unclogging, go to reliable drain cleaning companies Greenberg to have the issue fixed without it recurring any time soon.

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