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7 Ways To Stop Drain Problems

Sewer cleaning services are actively working to provide you with the best services for your drainage problems. Drainage issues happen very often due to the ignorance of the people and the minimal attention they give to sewers and drains.

Tips to prevent drain clogging

Here are some preventions for the drain problems

Using a Drain Strainer

Most common issues reported by drain cleaning services about the clogging of drains in kitchen pipes are the food and solid waste. These solid wastes along with oils and fats get stuck in the pipes, preventing things water to pass through. You can prevent this by simply buying a drain strainer. This will catch all the solid waste that is too big for the drain pipes and potentially cause clogging to be caught up in it. You can take it out and throw the waste in your garbage. This is also applicable in your bathroom showers and sinks to catch up the hair, soap, and foam.

Using Hot Water in the Sink After Usage

This is more inclined on the kitchen sinks. Pouring hot water down the drain can help prevent most of the clogging substances to be removed. Hot water helps oils and food products to run down the drain, taking them with it. This is the most basic method of preventing congested pipes.

Don’t Let the Mainline Be Blocked

You wouldn’t want the water main line to get drain clogging. It usually starts to clog every year or two. If you are experiencing it on a more frequent basis, you should call a sewer cleaning service. They will inspect what the issue is with all the clogging and send a camera down for a visual inspection. Usually, there are tree roots that get inside of the water line and cause the clog. Sometimes it’s the broken pipes or pipes that are corroding resulting in dirty water.

Use Lint Traps for Drainage of Washing Machines

Washing machines drain all the water it uses. That drained water contains fabric pieces, lint, dead skin, skin tissues and all sorts of stuff that can go down the drain to clog it. Putting a mesh lint trap around the drain will prevent most of the stuff to stop at that trap. You can alternate it with a nylon stocking, and it would work the same way. Just keep a good eye on the lint trap and empty it when it is full.

Prevent Hair from Going in the Drain

It is better to guard your bathroom sinks with strainers and clear them out regularly, but it is better to have precautionary measures to prevent excessive hair to go down the drain or even get stuck in the strainer. Brushing your hair just before a shower will have most of the dead hair to come off and get trapped in the brush. This way you can dispose of them in the trash where they belong rather than getting clogged in your drains. Even if hair goes down the drain regardless of that, it will reduce that amount by a good proportion.

Store the Oils and Greasy Stuff

Food oils and greasy stuff gets in the drain when it’s hot. When it cools down, it is an absolute worst of the clogging source. Sewer cleaning services describe it as the worst thing you can pour down your drain. Grease should be stored in a separate tin or a jar to be thrown away in the trash. Sometimes oils aren’t that bad and can be reused. So, keep another jar to store that reusable oils.

Don’t Flush Random Stuff Down the Toilet.

Toilets are made to handle human wastage and only that. Sometimes they get clogged by that which has to be unclogged using a plunger. Flushing random dense and bulky things down the toilet can cause a major clog in the toilet and trust me, you don’t want that. Toilet clog is the absolute worse and if something of the sort happens, calling a drain cleaning service is the best bet in your favor.

Prevention of these clogs can save you a lot of trouble from drain clogging and the money to hire professional drain cleaning services westchester ny.

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